Way to go, Alok.!

Interestingly, a few years ago, I came across this interview with Alok Mittal on the internet. Alok is the Managing Director at Canaan Partners, one of the leading VCs in the technology and healthcare businesses, the world over. And in that interview, Alok was talking about their investment in techTribe a few years earlier. techTribe, by the way, happens to have a job referral service offering, similar to the incentive based job referral business model of the company I wrote about earlier. And Alok had publicly agreed that the incentive driving referrals was not going as expected, and they have been planning to sell the company as the business model didn’t seem to work. I did feel a sense of pride and satisfaction that my gut feel and reasoning was in a way being backed by someone, who is to me, something of an authority in the field.

But then, something hit me hard. In a world where everything that everyone spoke about publicly was, like the Americans popularized, “good”; here someone as knowledgeable, intelligent, and capable as Alok Mittal himself; was so humble, so grounded, and so true to his work, that he could openly talk about his mistakes. Literally in Rudyard Kipling’s words, he could ‘meet Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same‘.

Hats off to your humility and honesty towards your work, Alok.!

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