Seasons Greetings Y’all.!

Compared to businesses abroad, companies in India have been notorious for having too many public/festival holidays. And employees, of course, have always been grumbling about not having enough.

The numerous and diverse religions and cultures, together with the collectively celebrated festivals make Indian culture unique and rich in itself.

Now since most Indians would give priority to celebrating festivals of their own religion… (just a thought)… imagine a scenario where you, as an employee had the option of working on a holiday that you normally would not celebrate, but just sit around watching tv at home, and in turn would get the choice of taking another day off in that year.


Sure there might be hiccups initially, like not having a common holiday as your friends do, and so on. I also wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of anyone’s angry spouse, if they were home on a festival holiday (that you both don’t celebrate), but you instead decided to be smart and go to work instead of going shopping.

But in the bigger scheme of things, imagine the positive impact it will have on businesses and profitability in companies. While the number of holidays available to employees will not change, businesses, especially B2C ones will be available to customers on a larger number of days. And anyone who has gone to work on a weekend will agree that you tend to get way more work done with fewer distractions. That doesn’t mean you sacrifice weekends. No one deserves to work on weekends. Except start-ups, maybe.


2 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings Y’all.!

    1. Hey Akshita, guess you’d know best, especially about the bigger companies. Not sure about a lot of the other businesses though. I felt the effect whenever I’d call, say my internet service provider or such services on a holiday (for something urgent like no connection, etc.) and no one answers the helpline. In worse situations, I’ve even dropped by their office, and no one except the security chaps were there. Sales could still be on holiday, but service/support should perhaps consider keeping their holidays flexible. Thanks for the comment.!

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