2 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. We need to mirror children’s curiosity a lot more. They can teach us to see the world with different eyes, find joy in everything around us and ultimatley ask not why things happen but rather what for?
    Congrats on this blog!

    1. Thanks Maria!
      There should be many more educators with a view and perspective like yours!
      I’d read something brilliant somewhere (you’ve probably read it too), about children learning to ride a bike. If we adults were to learn to ride for the first time, we’d fall 2-3 times and most likely give up. But not kids. It won’t matter how scared they are or how many times they fall, they’ll learn how to ride.

      The best bit about kids, is their simplicity of thinking. Unlike the tiring, chess-game-like strategy that goes into the average adult thought.

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