To Drive or not to Drive?

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There was an extremely interesting article on Business Insider recently about the future of driving. From replacing the horse as a mode of transport barely a century ago, we are now at a point where the big question is about whether to replace the driver or not.

The article approaches the subject of drivers and cars themselves, from multiple points of view. One, being that of Morgan Stanley’s auto analyst who sees a future that works on an Uber kind of model, where you and me don’t own cars, but merely use them as a service when needed.

The next view comes from that of a Citi analyst, who feels that owning cars is almost an irreplaceable part of our lives, even if, for most part, they’re just sitting there doing nothing.

Into the mix, come companies of the future, like Tesla and Google. Google, with their Google Chauffeur (the software that runs their self-driving cars), seems future-safe, whichever direction the future approaches from.

Tesla, on the other hand, might prefer to sell cars to individuals, the total numbers being more than it being offered by companies as a service. And with their ginormous capacities to manufacture rechargeable batteries, it may not be too bad even if the future of car transport is reduced to that of a service.

While this shift will take some time to come, what, according to you, might be a better way to go forward? Would it be the Uber kind of model, where you can hire a car (self-driving or otherwise), or would you rather own the car, and the costs that come with it, and use it only for a fraction of the time?

You can read the whole Business Insider article here: Tesla is in the middle of a debate about the future of driving

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