Hi! I’m Shrutin N Shetty, a design thinker and management strategy consultant from Mumbai, India. I work with purpose-driven companies in India and abroad, helping them in areas of design, innovation and strategy – I help businesses uncomplicate and understand their customers’ needs better, and then conceptualize increasingly relevant products and services. The overarching objective is to work with businesses committed to making the world better.

To make this happen, I use my own “blend” of human-centered design thinking, strategy, and human behaviour principles. Design thinking for me, begins & gains momentum with humility, then working its magic with empathy & design thinking tools. I’ve had the privilege of serving clients in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Abu Dhabi and North America, guided by the best of mentors and an external team of consultants.

I also conduct workshops on design thinking and innovation for businesses and at colleges. And the occasional elevator pitch for startups.

Authored Design the Future in 2018. It’s a book that attempts to simplify design thinking for businesses and interested individuals.

Interests: behaviour, inventions, innovation, ethics, unmanned vehicles, business differentiation, Lego, and simplicity in solution and design.

For design strategy & innovation consulting, or for workshops on design thinking, please go here.

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