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Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Shrutin N Shetty, a Design Strategist from India, working towards improving the world.

Short Story

I consult purpose-driven companies & startups. Using human-centered Design Thinking, Strategy and Cognitive Psychology, I help them Innovate & Grow. I also conduct Innovation & Design Thinking Workshops, and prepare the occasional Elevator Pitch for young companies trying to raise equity funding.

Interests: cognitive psychology, inventions, innovations, drones, reading, IoT, Lego, etc., etc.

Long Story [Only reading time increases; the bloke is the same]

I’m a Design Thinker from India, working to improve the world, with the help of a sense of hope, and my purposeful interactions & work with entrepreneurs and young businesses globally.

I believe Design Thinking begins & gains momentum with humility; then works its magic with empathy & design thinking tools.

I work with bold & enterprising young companies in India and abroad. With companies that are passionate about and committed to their work. I use human-centered Design Thinking to help them get to the root of complex business problems, to uncomplicate business, understand unarticulated customer needs, and to innovate & grow.   So far, I’ve had the privilege of serving wonderful companies in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman & Abu Dhabi.

I also conduct Ideation Workshops and Design Thinking workshops, and given my Venture Capital (VC) background, also prepare Growth Strategy Plans & fundraising Elevator Pitches for clients.

More about that, here.

Prior to this, I headed western India Strategy & Marketing as General Manager at TTPL (a high-tech Metrology equipment, Robotics & ERP company). Before that, as a freelance Management Consultant, I worked with a bunch of young companies to create better business differentiation & stronger business models.

Before that, I was on the investment team at SIDBI Venture Capital (VC) for many years. We managed 2 VC funds – INR 600 crore in total. There, I assessed over 900 businesses, was involved in VC investments of INR 130 crore, & I worked closely with 9 portfolio companies on their growth. A memorable investment there, was to help an Indian company acquire a European company thrice its size! Post-acquisition, I worked closely with the acquirer’s top team to streamline ops & build the group’s global growth strategy.

My 1st job was at HP’s BPO. The stint was a treasure of ‘customer experience’ learning.
As a teen, I briefly oversaw restaurant operations, trying to delight customers with service improvements.

I am a Computer Engineer, an MBA in Finance & a certified Quality Improvement Associate. I have also studied Design Thinking (Executive Program – Distance) from Darden School of Business.

My areas of interests include human psychology, innovation, business ethics, IoT, drones, driverless cars, business differentiation, Lego, and of course, simplicity in solution and design.

To know how Design Strategy Consulting can help your company grow, or to have me conduct a Design Thinking Workshop, email me at shrutin[at]ateamstrategy[dot]in or call me at +91-22 –

This is my personal blog where I express my views, observations, experiences & ideas. Your views and suggestions are most welcome. I also urge you to sign up to keep pace with new posts.

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Thanks again for stopping by. Look forward to our interactions here.

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3 thoughts on “About Shrutin

  1. Great goal Shrutin! Unfortunately, the barriers you have outlined exists in all resource constrained and resource limited countries. If you can achieve it for India, maybe you can test your model on the other BRICS. I’m Brasilian American and it is unbelievable the amount of challenges that exist to conduct simple business.

    I’m in awe of you and know you will create a viable model!

    1. Thank you Clarissa.! Great or not, it sure is a challenging goal. I’ll surely be working toward it. And just so you know, your comment and confidence in me isn’t creating any performance pressures whatsoever. 😉
      By the way, Ms. Behavioral Science expert; I sure could use your help on this. In case you’re interested, let me know. I’m still at the starting line anyway. And can I have your email id [I see a suspicious looking hotmail id here, that yours?] I’m at shrutinshetty@gmail.com. As soon as I get a little more clarity on things, will connect and see if we can take on the big challenges and changes.
      Thanks again for the inspiring comment.! Stay awesome.!

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