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Apart from this blog (CrystalPlanet), I have recently (somewhere in 2012, I think) started two other blogs.

However, as of date, all my blogging happens here. You can still refer to some of the old posts on both those blogs.

 “The Lightning Idea, for expressing my own views or sharing people’s views on career or business related thoughts, ideas and perspectives. The objective or purpose, is to put interesting business ideas on the table, discuss it, shred it to bits, improve on it, rebuild it. Trust me it is a lot of fun. And why would we be doing this, you ask? Well, for the learning. And yes, aspiring entrepreneurs could pick up on ideas here too to, for their first or ‘n’th startup. The objective being, to make it a table for everyone interested to discuss.

Please feel free to share meaningful views and comments on topics of mutual interest. That’s the only way “The Lightning Idea” can ever take shape.

Hope ya like it.!

Zensible Motoring, created with the aim of significantly improving Global Road Safety.

To identify dangers and issues in existing roads, or in the design of cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, etc. as well as to offer simple or complex solutions to overcome the same.

Suggestions will also be offered to the traffic police; all in all with the objective of making the experience on the road much safer and more pleasurable, both for motorists, as well as for pedestrians.

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