India’s Roads and Bottlenecks

Reading Time: 3 minutes

India’s Roads and Bottlenecks Bottlenecks and traffic jams on the streets. Are they an unavoidable phenomenon, or something we caused or created? Same with the lack of lane discipline in Indian drivers. Are drivers always to blame? Or could it be, that some part of the problem is because of how our roads are designed? Living in Bombay, I notice […]

Dark Knight Rising, Batpod Skidding

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dark Knight Rising, Batpod Skidding You know how we sometimes have a tendency to give our ‘expert’ views on something that already seems perfect, and how, according to us, it could have still been better? Experts will agree that in areas of personal strengths and weaknesses, it is always better to focus on our strengths rather than our weaknesses. But in some other areas, the attitude can sometimes seem […]

See Ma, No Hands – Reviewing the Dettol No-Touch Soap Dispenser

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See Ma, No Hands – Reviewing the Dettol No-Touch Soap Dispenser Here’s a product review. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were fortunate enough to live a secluded life in the hills, which means you’ve most likely visited a reasonably-priced restaurant around. And you have probably noticed how the wash basins usually have water all around the tap/ faucet. […]

Stir Up a Hornet’s Nest

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here’s another product review. I recently bought the a horn for my bicycle. The Hornit. Hornit [the company], interestingly, is founded by a lawyer (yeah, cool huh?!) who felt the need for a loud horn while riding to and from work. He tested his first  prototype back in ’07, and it was only in 2011 that he got into it […]