Seasons Greetings Y’all.!

Compared to businesses abroad, companies in India have been notorious for having too many public/festival holidays. And employees, of course, have always been grumbling about not having enough. The numerous and diverse religions and cultures, together with the collectively celebrated festivals make Indian culture unique and rich in itself. Now since most Indians would give priority to celebrating festivals of their own religion… (just a thought)… imagine a […]

Sell Blankets to Eskimos

This post requires you to think a bit. Might be difficult on a Friday night, but do give it a thought over the weekend. We all know how challenging the life of a salesperson can be. Unrealistic sales targets, unwelcoming prospective customers, unending follow-up calls and meetings, demoralizing posters outside offices, the crushing pressure of time as the end of the month approaches, and clients who like the thrill of […]

Just Like That

I have always disliked the idea of businesses buying, and friends forcing ‘Likes’ on Facebook. The number of likes really skews the picture, and it becomes difficult to differentiate between a business that has bought 300 likes from one that has earned 200 likes with quality business and customer delight. Surely, Twitter, feedback, and public reviews help maintain some transparency in the quality of services […]