Design Thinking Basics – 1

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In his book ‘Change by Design’,  Tim Brown of IDEO succinctly explains the 3 overlapping criteria for successful ideas. These criteria could be considered as some of the foundation pillars of Design Thinking. Here’s a pictorial representation of the same.

And what is Design Thinking?

‘Human-centered Design Thinking’ is a mindset, an approach, and some tools that help solve complex problems or pursue complex opportunities. Unlike traditional problem-solving methods or ideation, it first aims to help understand end users, final objectives or root causes. They could be about actual consumers, business culture, products, services, or even experiences among other things.

We can then work towards innovating and building increasingly relevant solutions. And when attempting to solve complex problems, it helps us get closer to the actual root cause of problems. Then of course, the tools help you innovate and solve problems in a highly effective way.

Haven’t you noticed how, when approaching a situation logically, one can broadly anticipate a solution early on? Yet, we know that true innovation usually happens in leaps, and results often surprise. Design thinking is a proven way to innovate.

The best part about design thinking: If done sincerely, the results can be as surprising, as they are effective.

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Think A-Team: For the Design & Strategy needs of Young Businesses

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Think A-Team: For the Design & Strategy needs of Young Businesses


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Hi, all you enterprising entrepreneurs,

I am pleased to give to you, ‘Think A-Team’, a growth partnering service for all your business strategy needs.

The intention behind it, is to help you make your business challenges a little less challenging. And to work with you on growing your business faster & better.

The services I have selected to offer, are a result of nearly a decade of close working with entrepreneurs and young businesses. While the portfolio of services will evolve with time, what will remain constant is reliability, effectiveness, accessibility and affordability to young businesses that have had few, if any options as far as growth partners go.

Think A-Team

Give it a try today! And I’ll look forward to working with some of you enterprising folks on building your businesses for you.
Have an awesome weekend!!


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Far From Perfect

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Far From Perfect

We recently ordered a table for home. A small and fairly simple design, with a Rosewood coloured Melamine polish coating.
However, to make the base stable, the people from the store turned it upside down to chisel a little bit. And this is how the underside looked.

To save a few bucks, the underside was conveniently left unpolished. And this is not a case of just a table. It’s all around us. We have a tendency to avoid the small extra effort by default. Efforts which may not add too much value to the product per se, but which significantly lower the appreciation you would have for the product, when avoided.

When will we Indians realize the importance of quality and perfection?
When will we stop our Jugaad and cutting corners to save those few insignificant bucks.

Steve Jobs learnt a lot about quality and perfection from his father, something that helped build all those magnificent products that people take pride in owning today. His father refused to use poor wood for the back of cabinets they built for home. Or once when a young Steve was helping his father build their garden fence, his father taught him to make the back of the fence as perfect in appearance as the front. Even parts or areas which were not visible, like the back of a cupboard, etc. had to be done perfectly. That reflected love and passion for perfection.

When will we go overboard in our passion for something, so that a marvelous product or service will emerge as a result?

So that we can create something that lasts a lot longer than a quick profit.


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