Why Are Americans consistently more Innovative and Entrepreneurial?

“What makes America so much more entrepreneurial and innovative than India?” That question has been in my head for many years now. Obvious recent contributions including Facebook, Tesla, and the immortal giants, Google, Amazon and Apple come first to mind. But the world we live in stands witness to enduring American inventions – the airplane, credit card, transistor, laser, the computer and internet; with hundreds of inventions […]

Moral Dilemmas from the Future

Image: source I came across this extremely interesting article that not only gives us a peek into the near future, but also highlights the increasing complexity and moral high seas that businesses need to, and will have to navigate around in the years to come. Google has been able to predict regional flu trends since 2008 or earlier. And given […]

To Drive or not to Drive?

Image: source There was an extremely interesting article on Business Insider recently about the future of driving. From replacing the horse as a mode of transport barely a century ago, we are now at a point where the big question is about whether to replace the driver or not. The article approaches the subject of drivers and cars themselves, from […]

Big Bizarre

I dropped into the Big Bazaar store for a bit last night (not out of choice, if you must know). But I must say, they’ve really re-done the place, in a good way. Impressive, must say. The section as soon as I entered, was for clothes, and it  looked like a section at the more popular multi-brand stores around. If […]

Search Better

You know how you sometimes Google for something or even search for particular documents/ pdf reports on a site, and how random and usually irrelevant results pop up on the top search page. And you know how Google has the +1 recommendation option on search results. Yeah, so what if Google, the online shopping site folk, as well as most other websites […]