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Ok, I just coined a new word. It’s called Deja-vuow.! That’s Deja-vu-ow.  (a combination of Deja-vu and ‘wow’).!

Different people come across the same messages or pictures at different times on Facebook, as you may have often seen.

So a close friend might suddenly be fascinated by something and share it. And you have that ‘dude, I saw that 5 months ago’ look.

Now, on the other hand, if you see a quote that’s really inspiring, and you’re about to hit the “Like” button and you think, ‘damn, think I’ve seen that on FB and perhaps liked it before’; but you’re not really sure. Now wouldn’t that qualify as Deja-vuow?

Now if you get that ‘I’ve heard jokes this bad, before’ feeling, and you want to hit me, hmm, I’m getting a deja-vu too. Peace.! 😉

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