Hi! I’m Shrutin N Shetty, a design thinker, strategy consultant (a design strategist) and Co-Founder of a recently [2020] started Crystal Planet Labs LLP based in Mumbai, India. While I’m still undecided what else I’ll do under the company, the first initiative under it is Rattl, a global innovation & design strategy practice. It’s still just two co-founders and a small external team of consultants at the moment, but I intend to focus on three main areas:

  • There are well-intended companies globally that want to genuinely understand their customers and create meaningful and relevant products or services for them – we’ll use our blend of design thinking, strategy and behaviour to work alongside their team, and create solutions that are better aligned with what their customers want [ReCog]; and
  • Work on some in-house innovations that hopefully make the world a bit better (we’re trying to make a ‘better mask‘ for the current times right now);
  • On Saturdays, help individual changemakers and teams that are struggling with innovation, by way of a simple consult-on-call [Rattl Call]

Since 2012, I have been working with purpose-driven companies in India and abroad, helping them in areas of innovation and strategy – using my blend of design thinking, strategy and behaviour principles to help businesses uncomplicate, and to understand their customers’ needs better, so that they can then grow better by creating more relevant products and services. My overarching objective being to work with businesses committed to making the world better.

Design thinking for me, begins & gains momentum with humility, then working its magic with empathy & design thinking tools. I’ve had the privilege of serving clients in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Abu Dhabi and North America, guided by the best of mentors and an external team of consultants. I also conduct workshops on design thinking and innovation for businesses and at colleges.

Authored Design the Future in 2018, a book that simplifies design thinking for businesses and keen enthusiasts. I’m occasionally a visiting faculty for post-grad students of the Masters programs at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai for the subject Strategic Design Management, and topics like design thinking, business models, etc.

In the past, I’ve worked briefly at a restaurant (during school vacations, trying to improve diner experience), and then at Hewlett Packard’s BPO in Bangalore, after which I was part of the investment team at SIDBI Venture Capital, which managed INR 500 crore across 2 VC funds. I had the opportunity to be a part of INR 130 crore worth of investments, and oversee the performance of 9 portfolio companies, in addition to assessing and advising over 900 startup founders and teams. I then freelance consulted a few startups, before heading western India operations for a high-tech group operating in the industrial robotics, metrology and ERP sectors. 

Interests: behaviour, inventions, innovation, ethics, autonomous vehicles, business differentiation, Lego, and simplicity in solution and design.

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