Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Shrutin Shetty, a Mumbai (India) based product innovation consultant currently focused on the consumer products space.

You know how we as customers often say, ‘I wish [this product] had this feature’, or ‘would have been good if it could also do that.’ Or ‘wish it was better balanced’, or ‘it lacks something.’
That is where I come in.

If you are a leader at a consumer product company in India or abroad, I could help your team figure out how to better understand your customers’ needs and wants. And then help your team conceptualize and create even better products for them.
My work is at the intersection of management and growth strategy, design thinking, and human behaviour.

Helping you create better consumer products. | Behaviour. Innovation. Design.
Innovating at www.ProductInnovator.in | Blogging at www.ShrutinShetty.com

I’ve written two books, ‘Main Batata Hoon’ (short, fictional stories around counter-intuitiveness and human behaviour), and ‘Design the Future’ (a book that demystifies Design Thinking and simplifies the famous Stanford 5-step Design Thinking process).

My overarching objective is to work directly and with client businesses towards making a better world.

This is my personal blog where I express my views, observations, experiences & ideas. Your views and inputs are important, and welcome. Sign up to stay updated on posts. I’m also on LinkedIn (sometimes).

Thanks again for stopping by. Look forward to our interactions here.


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