Design thinking… because our future depends on it.

Most, if not all of us are born creative. Any child trying to solve a problem or achieve something is proof of that. Their perseverance, and the unimaginable ideas the come up with speak only of creativity. And yet, as we grow up, we sacrifice that creativity for logic and process.

In our ever-changing business environment, we have had our share of situations where all the logic we have can’t seem to solve certain business problems. Be it about boosting business sales or delighting customers or creating a corporate environment of innovation. No amount of incentivizing or threatening sales and marketing personnel, and no amount of ‘carrots’ can solve people-problems that easily. There’s only so much you can expect them to sell an average product or service. And they cannot squeeze good ideas out of a team that is not in the right mindset.

That’s where I come in. Using a combination of human-centered design thinking, corporate strategy and principles of human behaviour, I help businesses understand customer (or employee) needs better. I then work with them to conceptualize products or services or solutions designthat are more aligned to those needs, in turn helping business grow. Similarly, I help corporate teams break out of analysis paralysis and become more creative in their innovation or problem-solving efforts.

Design thinking helps go beyond traditional problem-solving and ‘meeting room innovation’, by helping gather spoken and unspoken user needs, and then create far-more relevant, effective and sustainable solutions and innovation.

These are four two ways in which I can be of service to you and your company:

  1. My current service offering, towards making consulting more accessible and affordable to companies and leaders, is the innovation and design strategy related consult-on-call for leaders, managers and teams at SMEs and at Startups, as well as for aspiring entrepreneurs [I haven’t thought of a catchy name for it yet]. But check it out here.
    I’ve briefly stopped offering full-fledged design strategy consulting and innovation workshops, but will get back to it by September 2020 via a new company, platform and model; towards making it increasingly impactful and accessible to all.
  2. Get my book: Design the Future
  3. Follow my blog!

You can reach me at shrutin[at]ateamstrategy[dot]in or connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.