My second book is titled, ‘Main Batata Hoon’; and it is a collection of short fictional stories in conversational format. They bring out the amusing phenomenon of counter-intuitiveness in our mindsets and behaviours as we navigate life.

It has found appreciation from readers from age 9, all the way to 80+ year olds.

You can get an overview about it here: link

It is currently available in paperback and Kindle formats on most if not all regional Amazon sites. Order your copy here: link

Here are snippets from reviews of the book:

This is a simple to read but thought-provoking exploration of the meaning embedded in everyday occurrences. Using engaging storytelling and relatable examples, the book prompts readers to re-evaluate seemingly mundane aspects of life, uncovering hidden depth and significance. Do not try to speed-read this over a weekend; instead, pick it up and read a few stories, and ponder about it.

It's an easy read for a diverse audience. This book prompts readers to adopt a more thoughtful and mindful approach to personal experiences and business decisions, fostering a renewed appreciation for the significance inherent in our daily life.
~ A Wealth Manager
A dictionary of values.
Exploring this book was similar to taking a trip through the maze of human nature, where the ordinary thing takes on astonishing qualities and daily conversation reveal the nuanced relationships that form our reality. The author deftly blends wit and insight to explore the complex webs of human beliefs, attitudes, and actions. The book has a happy and thought-provoking tone throughout, which is reflected in the author's use of wit in the book title. This book is unique in the way that it reveals the strange ways in which people guide through the social dynamics.
Delightful & insightful discourses
I recently finished relishing this unique and tiny book of short stories. The bite sized stories are unlike what you have read before. With a keen eye for detail, Shetty reveals the idiosyncratic perspectives and curious ways in which people navigate the complexities of social dynamics and life itself. The title itself, with its double meaning, creates a platform for a journey into the unexpected, where humor and depth intersect to illuminate the nuances of the human experience. Get ready to enjoy a delightful and insightful discourses that will keep you thinking long after you've turned the last page..
Must read. As I delved into the pages of "Main Batata Hoon" by Shrutin Shetty, I felt myself embarking on a journey unlike any other. I found myself immersed in a world of nuanced conversations and captivating narratives. Each story presented a fresh perspective on human nature, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Shetty’s skillful storytelling kept me hooked, eager to uncover the secrets hidden within each interaction.
As I learned more about Shrutin Shetty, I discovered a writer with a deep understanding of human behavior. Through his work, Shetty invited me to explore the complexities of the human psyche alongside him.
A Fascinating Dive into Human Behavior




Design the Future – A book on design thinking

Professor emeritus at Princeton University, Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” In many ways, my first book, ‘Design the Future’ felt like that.

The practice of Design thinking is many decades old. However, between robotics & artificial intelligence, quality standards, project management, big data, and sales & marketing being squeezed to their limits, there still is a lot to be achieved when it comes to customer delight, employee delight, innovation and sustainable business growth. That’s where I believe design thinking is and will continue to be relevant in times to come.

I have been using design thinking as part of my strategy consulting practice for some years now, and have also read a lot of books on the subject. But given the curiosity and sometimes confusion I saw in people and businesses regarding it, I felt the need for even more clarity about it. A book that offers both the fundamentals, as well as any advantage I could bring to anyone practicing or wanting to learn design thinking, from what I have observed and learnt about it and about human behaviour over many years.

The book starts with an overview about design thinking, the process & some tools. It then discusses diverse examples, before drawing parallels with the quality revolution, and finally, it’s important association with human behaviour. It covers aspects of innovation, design thinking, problem-solving, human behaviour and ideation. So if any of those are areas of interest, I am sure you will enjoy reading this book.

Here’s my simplified 9-step version of the popular Stanford 5-step Design Thinking process:

Shrutin Shetty’s simpler (to understand and implement) 9-step version of the Stanford 5-step Design Thinking model.

The book is available in paperback across leading online bookstores worldwide, and as an ebook on Amazon/ Kindle and on Kobo.

Here are some links for the paperback: Amazon, Flipkart, Book Depository (they don’t have shipping charges, so in places like South America, it works out cheaper), Barnes & Noble, among many others.
Best to search for ‘design the future shrutin’ on your favourite online bookstore.

Here are some reviews about the book:

A handy guide to DT

“I loved the book. I particularly like the undertone of the book. The humanness of DT comes out very strongly. Simply written along with the authors sense of humour are refreshing. The examples let you draw your own point before the author puts it forward. Engaging read. Highly recommended for design professionals and the ones who want to understand DT first time.”
From a distinguished Alumnus of IIT Bombay, and pioneer of the quality movement in India

"Design Thinking requires us to reignite the dormant creativity resident in each of us.
Shrutin has skillfully researched the subject and emotionally appealed to the reader, that left-brain logical thinking must be re-ignited with right-brain design thinking."
Must read book for all who want to practice Design Thinking

“The book offers not only the theory of Design Thinking but has enough real life practical examples to help you understand what Design Thinking is all about. The book is written in a very simple yet effective manner. Overall a must read and very absorbing book which you will end up reading multiple times.”
A must read for everyone interested in design thinking

“Great book. Very timely! Author was very creative in explaining complex concepts. Simple terms.”


Jason Grant, CEO of Integral, UK based ‘redesigning humanity’ company was kind enough to get my thoughts on the book. You can check it out here (don’t mind the odd camera angle, in my defense, it was 2:30 in the morning):

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If you have any doubts or questions, email me and I’ll try answer them.

For innovation workshops or innovation or problem-solving related consulting requirements for your business, read more here.

Enjoy reading and using design thinking to help design the future for yourself!