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My Second Book – Main Batata Hoon

My recently published book, ‘Main Batata Hoon’, is now available in paperback and Kindle formats on most if not all regional Amazon sites around the world.

An aunt was so amused with the title, she said she couldn’t wait to read the stories themselves. I clarified that I had used all the humour in the moment on the title, and that the stories are more of the everyday variety. A bit amusing, but some also slightly serious.


In case you are wondering what the seemingly amusing title means; especially my foreign friends and connections,..
..In Hindi, depending on how it is pronounced, it translates to “I will tell you”, or that “I am a potato.”
It is a line I have used to get a laugh out of people from time to time, and it seemed to perfectly capture the underlying theme of counterintuitiveness of the stories.

You have probably heard the word ‘counter-intuitive’ a few times.

If you haven’t, or like me you aren’t exactly sure how to put it into context, here are some examples of counter-intuitiveness:

  • Some people assume that consuming alcohol will help fall asleep faster. In reality though, it affects your sleep patterns, worsening rather than improving sleep patterns.
  • When faced with a sudden tight deadline or exam preparations, most people jump right into the task, not wanting to waste any time on planning. However, spending a little time on planning usually improves your chances of finishing the task on time.
  • Or how you might assume that you get stronger soon as you start exercising, when in reality, you first get a bit weaker before you get stronger.

So now, what are the stories in the book about?

The book has about 56 short stories that bring your attention to different everyday counterintuitive realities that we are often oblivious to. And that affect our relationships, our investments, or environment, and our peace of mind.

And while you enjoy the conversational stories in the book, I also encourage you to use the counterintuitive ‘aha’ moments the stories might bring, to recognize and better deal with these situations in your life.

And more importantly, I am sure you will start noticing many more similar, amusing counterintuitive situations and behaviours in people and situations around you.

Do share some of them with me either here or if you know me and have my number, WhatsApp them to me.

I look forward to reading about your observations and experiences.

Get your copy here: link

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