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Product Design Inputs for a Standing Desk

Invisible Bed has been an interesting product company. As a recent owner of a wall mounted sit/ stand desk, I recently shared some product design inputs with the CEO. They were well received. The Product: The Challenge: 1.Pre-attached table-top – makes installation a challenge even for a 2-person team, as the table-top weight causes the…

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Feature Suggestion for Todoist

In my last post, I recommended reading the book, To-do List Formula. I also shared my own key takeaways from the book. The book highly recommended the Todoist app to create and track tasks. I started using it ever since, and compared to all the apps I have used so far, I have found it…

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What if the Comments Section on Social Media had a Search Feature?

Do you feel the need for a more effective comments section on social media? What if the comments section had a Search feature? Making it easier to search for comments, and to continue conversations in sub-threads.

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Reading and Writing Smarter

While looking up an old blogging account of mine, I stumbled upon a RattL ’em idea from many years ago. I had made a suggestion to Google, sometime in Feb., 2013 regarding composing of emails. People sometimes want to, or even unintentionally tend to write lengthy mails. And people’s attention spans have become shorter [or…

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What if We could Mute Serial-Forwarders on WhatsApp Groups

What if WhatsApp had a feature that allows a user to mute specific person(s) in groups? The user who mutes another user on a group is simply not shown messages from that user.
And, both sides win. The serial forwarder gets whatever pleasure they get, and no one has to suffer for it.

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Idea for a Review Mode for Note-taking and Planner Apps

Note or Planner apps like EverNote, Google Keep and others, could include a ‘Review Mode’ for existing entries.
In this mode, users can be given a few function options on the toolbar, so they can make necessary updates to their entries without the keypad constantly getting in their way.

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Elevators and Nosocomial infections

Nosocomial infections are infections that patients contract inside of a hospital, due to contamination or germs present there. A patient undergoing treatment at a hospital is almost always has a weak immune system, which is more susceptible to infection. And the odds of contracting an infection are higher in operation theatres and ICUs. Most likely…

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The Middle Seat

In 2019, the US FAA approved the company Molon Labe Seating‘s (MLS) landmark seat design for commercial airplanes.   What MLS did, is take the problem of discomfort of middle-seat passengers, and attempted to solve it by: (i) widening the middle seat (from 18″ to 21″), and (ii) placing the seat slightly lower, and slightly…