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On E-Readers

Over the years, I have asked quite a few people who have gotten used to e-readers (as opposed to loyalists who stick to physical books), if they prefer horizontally swiping to turn pages, or vertically scrolling to. The way I see e-readers or reader apps, there are 3 action choices: Horizontal or vertical scroll Firstly,…

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Trial Biking and the One-Inch Punch

What’s the similarity between trial biking and the one-inch punch? Is there any similarity? I believe so. I have always enjoyed watching trial bike events on TV (check the clip, not to be mistaken with trail biking). It is fascinating to watch riders mix slow and fast on their motorcycles with exceptional balance and control,…

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When Google messes User Experience

The bout between the tech giants Amazon and Google regarding Google’s payments related policy, that has been going on since 2022, has finally hit India recently, and the two giants have taken a big dump on user experience here. Users in India might no longer be able to buy digital goods on the Android Amazon…

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On Framing Problems

As the late American inventor and engineer, Charles Kettering very wisely said, “A problem well-stated is half-solved.” The need is to re-frame every problem into a challenge. To get better ideas, to be able to solve it faster, and in a better way.

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Time can Distill Goals

Another one on productivity. A lot of us have made lists and planned things out thing, be it an event, a shopping list, or life goals. However, here’s something I have faced whenever listing some work goals and breaking them down into tasks. There’s a tendency to list some big goals, and of course, you…

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Music and Productivity

#Productivity This is for those of us who listen to music when working or studying. Something I have experienced.. If your work needs a good amount of figuring out or making sense, a lot of focus or creativity, you might be better off sticking to listening to one song on loop rather than a playlist…

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A Reader’s Review that Addresses a Writer’s Wish

The overarching theme for my recent book, ‘Main Batata Hoon‘ is not quite as simple as the stories in it are. So it would take me a minute to give an overview to anyone who asks. And that was because I would be looking at it from its underlying behavioural foundations, and as a writer….