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Time can Distill Goals

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Another one on productivity.

A lot of us have made lists and planned things out thing, be it an event, a shopping list, or life goals.
However, here’s something I have faced whenever listing some work goals and breaking them down into tasks.

There’s a tendency to list some big goals, and of course, you don’t get most done in days or even months. So you tend to look back at your list from earlier, to make the next one.

And the problem with that is, over time, your interest or outlook for some of those goals might have completely changed. You might not care about them anymore. But what ends up happening is you keep adding them to your next list of updated goals by referring to the older lists, and probably feel dejected as you carry a big pile of goals you’ve been dragging along without any action to further them for months or even years.

I am currently reading Goals by Brian Tracy, where he suggests a slightly different way of doing it.
He suggests writing your top 10 goals each day, and not referring to yesterday’s goals. And I think that’s brilliant.

That way, all the goals you don’t care enough about, disappear with yesterday’s list. And only the most important goals you should be pursuing, the ones that are constantly on your mind, are the ones that stay in your thoughts, and make it to today’s list.

Cool how you can simply use time to distill your purpose in life.

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