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Plastic Diet – Trying to Predict Big Pharma’s Next Big Thing

Image: source Since plastic is pretty much an inescapable part of our diets now, and since we humans are inclined to prefer selling/buying a solution rather than inconveniencing ourselves with rollbacks or preventive efforts, my prediction for big pharma is that their next big offering will be pills (or some other form) of supplements to…

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The Behaviour Triangle

A humorous take on the paradox that exists between the views of us common humans, versus that of psychologists, who take a slightly more empathetic view, and those behavioural science practitioners who try to leverage knowledge of human biases and drivers to grow business without it always being beneficial to customers themselves.

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A Forward: What is Butt Dust?

Image: link I had shared this forward on social media a few years ago, and it popped back up today. Apart from the innocence, simplicity and being purely hilarious, it is a nice example of the recognition stage of ’empathy’, a term we behaviour and design thinking folk throw around a lot. Situations we accept…

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Hyperboles and Statistics don’t Mix Well

Do you use hyperboles often? I do. Mostly with close friends and family, but when necessary, with clients or my students. Helps convey the meaning or gravity of an idea or situation. Like when Gordon Murray says something like, “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t fucking cook it!” However, when you’re…

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Vulnerability of Tech Processes and Human Decisions

Vulnerability of Tech Processes and Human Decisions Here are two interesting incidents I came across online in the last week. One, about a seemingly harmless vulnerability in an online service’s process. The other, a possible vulnerability in human decisions in a human-dependent, traditional business. First of, a French literary buff, conducted an interesting experiment. It…