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On Seeking Advice

Image: source When seeking advice, especially from someone you believe can offer great perspective, stick to gaining clarity on the big questions you need help figuring out. The advice you receive is obviously for you to consider, not to blindly implement. And especially not for you to defend when receiving it. Clarify if you think…

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The Hostile World for Women

The normal-seeming world of us men is often a battle zone that most women need to navigate each day.
Places and experiences we might not give a second thought about, can be horribly taxing on the attentional space of women.
We all need to educate, be considerate, and design safer and more thoughtful spaces and processes for them.

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A Forward: What is Butt Dust?

Image: link I had shared this forward on social media a few years ago, and it popped back up today. Apart from the innocence, simplicity and being purely hilarious, it is a nice example of the recognition stage of ’empathy’, a term we behaviour and design thinking folk throw around a lot. Situations we accept…

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Can We Do Better than CSR?

Can We Do Better than CSR? In India, Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act (2013) relate to corporate social responsibility (CSR). For a few years now, it requires companies clocking over a certain turnover or profit, to spend 2% of (their three-year annual) net profit on CSR activities each financial year. Allotting…

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Where Do We Go Now?

Where Do We Go Now? Google’s AdSense program let’s publishers or website owners have relevant ads show up when users visit those sites. Google earns revenues (via their Google Ads – previously AdWords platform) from businesses wanting those ads showing up to relevant customer groups. In turn, they pass on some of that revenue (based…

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My 9 Step Version of the Design Thinking Process

My 9 Step Version of the Design Thinking Process This post about my 9-step version of the design thinking process has been long overdue. It is already explained in my book, ‘Design the Future’, but I also wanted to share it here for those interested. The five-step Stanford design thinking process is arguably the most…

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Choosing Business Opportunity to Avoid Change

Choosing Business Opportunity to Avoid Change As an individual, if you have a habit your core doesn’t fully approve of, you’d find a disconnect that you might, either align with, or from time to time try to fix. It could be diet, fitness or even ethic related. And often, between control or restricting something for…

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The Point of disapPOINTment

The Point of disapPOINTment With our high hopes, we do face the occasional disappointment. Not getting that promotion you worked so hard for. Having to postpone a holiday because of some reason, or difficulty in scheduling a meeting because someone’s too busy. How do you deal with such disappointments? Here’s something I have learnt that…