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Trial Biking and the One-Inch Punch

What’s the similarity between trial biking and the one-inch punch?
Is there any similarity?
I believe so.

I have always enjoyed watching trial bike events on TV (check the clip, not to be mistaken with trail biking). It is fascinating to watch riders mix slow and fast on their motorcycles with exceptional balance and control, to go through courses that can simply be described as crazy.

And then there’s the unbelievably fascinating one-inch punch that Bruce Lee made famous.
Where, a person with their fist at anywhere between 0 and 6 inches from an object, can break it.

You might have seen clips of people breaking bricks with a punch that starts really close to the object. Check this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXwOU5HzTZQ

How that is different from a regular punch is, a regular punch has the distance of the swing of the arm to build momentum and force. Picture something like Marvel’s Juggernaut who just runs through walls without stopping.

In contrast, the beauty of trial biking and the one-inch punch is how practitioners channel an almost exact amount of strength or power or speed and not much more. Which means they can jump to higher ground, or break bricks, but the bike or the arm does not swing much more than that.

A perfect blend of excess and restraint. Of power and control.



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