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The Middle Seat

In 2019, the US FAA approved the company Molon Labe Seating‘s (MLS) landmark seat design for commercial airplanes.   What MLS did, is take the problem of discomfort of middle-seat passengers, and attempted to solve it by: (i) widening the middle seat (from 18″ to 21″), and (ii) placing the seat slightly lower, and slightly…

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Constraints and the beautiful A-10

Constraints and the beautiful A-10. Contrary to oddly popular belief:
1. constraints help make a better product (or service), and
2. a good innovative product or service does not need to be expensive

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A Lego Stealth Fighter/ Drone

Just built a Lego stealth fighter/ drone. It does need a little imagination to smoothen the edges, etc., bear with me on that… But that said, have a look and let me know what you think. Image above: Side-view. Completely collapsed for hangar/storage ¬†Image above: Wings fully extended (it folds at two points, one, the…

Tejas: A Fighter Plane 33 Years In the Making
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Tejas: A Fighter Plane 33 Years In the Making

In the early 1980s, there was a plan to build India’s first fighter aircraft, under the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) program. After innumerous¬†technological and process roadblocks, and possibly governmental delays, the LCA, ¬†named Tejas (‘radiant’), was inducted into the Indian Air Force a few days ago. Being in love with fighter planes since I was…