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Feature Suggestion for Todoist

In my last post, I recommended reading the book, To-do List Formula. I also shared my own key takeaways from the book.

The book highly recommended the Todoist app to create and track tasks. I started using it ever since, and compared to all the apps I have used so far, I have found it to be somehow designed to allow for more efficient days.

I did feel the computer and mobile apps could use a small feature improvement that could further improve the efficiency its users derive from it. And I wrote to them about it. A RattL ’em idea if you will.

Here’s what it is.

While any to-do app allows you to set deadlines for tasks, you can create them without specifying a deadline as well.

Image 1


Image 2

Now say you wanted to try and rearrange entries 7-15 so that they would be according to your measure of importance and urgency, after which you could enter achievable deadlines for each. This can become a challenge when it is many more than just 9 entries that you need to put into sequence.

Now if you are diligent in the easy bit of at least adding tasks to an app, you would notice that the number of entries could easily go up to a few dozens if not more. Now Todoist (and other apps like Trello) allow you to drag and drop to change the order of entries. But even then, since your view is only limited to about 6-7 entries (on the laptop or mobile app), that can require a lot more mental processing or note taking to sequence the entries so that it becomes easier to then assign due dates for them.

A solution to this, would be a simple ‘pop-up view’ option (grey below) that could be offered. This would accommodate all the entries on the list, on the pop-up view screen, in a grid (as opposed to a scrolling list). 


Image 3

Here, the user could drag entries around into a better priority sequence, and then switch back to the scrolling list view and start assigning due dates for them (below).


What is RattL ’em?: We are constantly fascinated by companies, products and services.
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