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Zensible Motoring – An Effort Towards Better Road Safety

Hi. Here’s my new blog, Zensible Motoring, focused on identifying and finding solutions to improve road safety.

Do have a look, and do feel free to contribute to it. It’s a small effort towards a safer experience, for motorists as well as for pedestrians.

“Zensible Motoring – An Effort Towards Better Road Safety”





Today, another MIG-21 crashed in Haryana. Thankfully the pilot was safe and apart from a big ass crater in a field, there was no major damage.

With 6 MIG-21 crashes in this year alone, the IAF has lost over 100 pilots in 283 accidents between 1993 and 2002. Till date it has lost over half the 976 MIG-21 fleet in air crashes. The Indian Air Force seems to have an innovative method of retaining only the best pilots. Send them all up in MIG-21s, if they survive, they must be damn good or bloody lucky.

The world has moved on to the fifth generation fighters with Short Take-off & Vertical Landing, Stealth, Internal weapons, the works, and yet we’re hell bent on sticking to flying coffins from the 1960s.