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Why Indians Need Real Idols, not pretentious ones

Why Indians Need Real Idols, not pretentious ones

The pretentiousness and shallowness of many Indians can be really overwhelming.

sultan may have been a great movie, but I won’t know because I won’t be watching it. Not in theatres, or on TV subsequently, for obvious reasons. It’s not the movie I’m against, but the encouragement of wrong. But should that bother fellow Indians?

What should bother us, is that we are the same people who were furious when vijay mallya fled the country.

And we are the same people who, despite salman khan’s wrongdoings and ego, continue to encourage him by supporting him, by watching his movies and making him even more full of himself than he already is.

Now, there is a marble plaque installed by him on a traffic island outside Mehboob Studio. In memory of, (beat this!), his two dogs that died about 7 years ago. And what’s so important about those dogs? Nothing, apart from the fact that they were his pets. The plaque itself, approved by a local BMC ward, was installed about 2 weeks ago. Less than 700 metres from the spot of his infamous hit-and-run. [link]

I love dogs. And out of admiration for ‘man’s best friends’, I have read a fair amount about memorials for dogs all over the world. But those memorials were for exceptional and distinguished ones; those who either served in a war or with the police, in narcotics or anti-terror divisions of the forces, or saved multiple lives, or bravely sacrificed themselves saving or protecting children, etc.

Yet, in a country where even our human war heroes, police martyrs and civilians who have lived for social causes fight for remembrance and recognition of their exceptional sacrifices, we choose to make heroes of smaller people, and their pets.

It is not that our heroes don’t deserve our country. After all, we have been blessed to have been born in one of the greatest countries in the world, and our heroes undeniably loved it more than we can imagine.

It is, shamefully, that we Indians don’t deserve our heroes, for our respect and loyalty are invested in petty mortals.


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Indians Plead Lunacy

Education and self-respect seem unconnected, as any educated IPL fan in India can prove to you without much effort, perhaps even without uttering a word.

While some people (read farmers) are busy committing suicide due to a severe drought where they live, water that could somehow have been diverted to those areas is being used to ready grounds for IPL matches (45 lakh litres of it). And the average “educated” Indian chose entertainment and cricket over the life of a fellow Indian.

3 IPL players were arrested for spot-fixing. Yet Indians continued watching.

An IPL team CEO was arrested for his alleged involvement in betting and possibly spot-fixing.  Nevertheless, Indians continued watching.

That CEO’s father-in-law owns that IPL team, and he also happens to be President of BCCI (national governing body for cricket in India). And that wasn’t a conflict of interest, up until now. Yet, Indians continued watching.

The money involved in the betting and fixing is linked to India’s most hated and most wanted terrorist, dawood. And still, Indians continued watching.

Some players who were approached and threatened, were brave enough not to sell their soul. Yet, when they informed their team owners, the team owners didn’t find it worthwhile enough to report such a serious matter with the authorities. They just asked the players to focus on their game. But, Indians continued watching.

3 more players and a team are under the scanner currently. Yet, Indians continued watching.

The murkiness of it brings to one to question whether the entire series were ‘games’ or a game reduced to a scripted act or play. But through it all, Indians continued watching.

Simply goes to prove that the average “educated” Indian, who is all geared for today’s final game, doesn’t have the least amount of self-respect; and that you could sell him anything in the name of cricket and entertainment. And he’ll buy. Hard to find any respect for such a people.


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