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Pigs Rule

Pigs Rule

I recently found myself around a humorous discussion around politics at a relatives’ home.
A grand aunt asked another relative if they planned on getting into politics. The relative laughingly retorted that for one to be in politics, they must be prepared to hit and to be hit. As an example, he cited a recent incident involving some politician.

My grand aunt, matter-of-factly replied that those are some of the things one needs to be prepared for, if one is convinced and focused on an important goal. She added something about the need to keep a certain type of people close. They were those who would attack, protect and defend. She quoted what sounded like ancient but obvious wisdom in my mother tongue. It translated to something like, ‘that is why one needs to rear stray dogs.’

I recently read the classic ‘Animal Farm’, written by India-born English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic, Eric Arthur Blair, a.k.a. George Orwell.

Rear dogs. Interestingly in the book, that’s exactly what the pigs did to achieve and stay in power. To muscle their way to the top. To eliminate any competition. And to enforce their way on the people.

The philosophy of the ruling pigs in ‘Animal Farm’. Image source: link


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Actions With and Without a Face

Actions With and Without a Face

Even today, you can see people of some races cringe or gasp at the sight of the swastika, the symbol of Hitler’s party. Even though the swastika has much older roots. And Hitler himself, continues to be collectively and strongly hated today, over 72 years after his death. And rightly so. He and his people were the cause of unspeakable oppression and death. Collectively, around 42 million deaths (soldiers and civilians), and even more as per some historical estimates. What probably makes it most glaring, is the short span of 12 years across which this happened. And as the leader of the Nazis, Hitler remains the face of all the death and destruction by his people.

Going back again in time, the British atrocities in their colonies is another story altogether. In India alone, their rule lasted around 184 years. And this time too, was witness to unspeakable oppression and the death. Approximately 40-54 million Indians. Dead! Due to starvation. Due to manual labour; and worse, through artificially created famines. When we compare the British kill report card with that of Hitler’s, it happened over a comparatively much longer 184 years. But there is no single face of the oppression. Which is also perhaps why it lasted so long. And was so much more deep-rooted.

In present times, the world citizens should always be on the look out for the second kind of mass-murderers. Eaters of countries. Because the world is a dynamic flow of information, even if a lot of it is manipulated by whorish media, the world citizen is still aware, and will not tolerate a single face of oppression for too long.

However, the second kind of oppression won’t have a single face, or perhaps have one that appeases a section of the masses, speaks directly to their concerns and hopes; while the arms of the organization carry out deep-rooted decay.

Many of us have heard of the myth around the frog and hot water experiments. While frogs aren’t so tolerant to heat, history bears testimony of human ignorance to oppression without a face.

British colonies were a live example of it. Albeit not the most subtle example, given the difference in race/ colour, etc. But imagine the harm a domestic movement with ulterior motives can do. Let’s ensure we guard against history repeating itself in other forms, but using similar tactics.


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Job Quotas or Meritocratic Politics?

Job Quotas or Meritocratic Politics?

Image: source

Developed countries continue to struggle to identify industries, areas of business, skillsets and employment opportunities that will make their workforce, abilities and manufacturing resources relevant again in a world of cheap labor and low cost manufacturing from developing countries.

At such times, instead of leveraging the inherent potentials we in India have, to gain more ground in the world; we stop and think, “how can we fuck up this great opportunity for us?”

Then, we hit jackpot: “Hmm, 27% quota in the private sector should really kill it. Look at the wonders its worked in education. Yeah, let’s do that.”

Instead, imagine politicians being elected based on merit of public work done. That, might be the only missing piece in the national development puzzle.

Here’s one of the articles about the proposed quota for reservations: link


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Real Pest-ate India

Is it Real Estate India, or Real Pest Ate India?

350 acres of land acquired for public interest by the Haryana government given to DLF for possibly a song.

DLF gave Rs. 65 crore of unsecured loans to Vadra to purchase DLF properties at highly discounted prices.

Share capital of Vadra’s companies went from Rs.50 lakh to over Rs.300 crore in 3 years.

And Sonia still asks for proof.

None of it is surprising, coming from the Gandhis and Vadra, each of who has probably, a real long time ago, sold their souls at a bloody good price to unsuspecting buyers.

But for a company with an ex-army man (Kushal Pal Singh) at the helm to have  their fingers in all the dirty pies, it’s more a shame for the army and its reputation. KP Singh, guess you got a good price for your soul as well? Congratulations.!

And while India plods along, discovering one hidden Congress shitstorm after another, I bet Sonia and her scum have already lined up buyers to sell off the Red Fort, the Taj Mahal and so on.

For all we know, some foreign politician or businessman must be sitting at his desk right now, sipping on single malt, smiling at his recent acquisition. Glass in one hand, in his other hand he would be holding legal documents that talk about sale of ‘India’, sold and signed off by Sonia and her scum.

I think the only  Gandhi in politics who is clean and incorruptible, and has principles and morals,…

… was called Bapu, and he is now  in a better place.

And he is probably wondering where he went wrong, while Sonia and her scum are probably wondering, “where else can we do wrong?”

So again, is it Real Estate India, or Real Pest Ate India?