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The Superior Sex

The Superior Sex

The timing of this post, right after the so-called ‘Women’s day’ is purely coincidental.

For one, I don’t even know what ‘Women’s day’ is supposed to mean. If we ‘full-of-ourselves-men’ don’t have a ‘men’s day’, then except for commercial businesses to make a killing, I don’t get it.

Now, back to the post. I’m going to risk my neck here by stating that, usually (usually, not always!) men tend to be more savvy with machines, electronics and mobile phones, as compared to women. Agree with me on that? Now, I’m not trying to belittle women in any way. But maybe women are very specific about what they want, and they focus on the essentials. They understand those areas about machines or gadgets, without bothering much about ‘what else’ a machine is capable of doing. We men on the other hand, curious as ever, go to great lengths, often breaking and fixing gadgets, just to get answers to ‘why’ or ‘why not’. I have noticed that with things ranging from cars to computers to mobile phones, and so on.

Long story short, there’s something amazing I’ve observed. I’m not sure if it’s a local phenomenon, though I doubt it is. And that is, that despite men being more curious about gadgets, especially in their younger years, sometimes tend to grapple, often disinterestedly, at a later stage in life, with technology. Their wives on the other hand, tend to become more alert and grasp new technology better as they get older. Older men boldly declare cluelessness on the word go. And several older women put in the extra effort to pace up with technology. It could be to serve a bigger purpose, like wanting to FaceTime or Skype with their children away at college, or stay in touch with friends or relatives on WhatsApp for that matter. I find that to be a really impressive trait that I’ve noticed in a lot of older women. Aren’t women way smarter then?

And I don’t think the best operations professionals could organize and schedule processes better than the average homemaker can. If you knew the number of factors they simultaneously keep track of, while making a seamless and hassle-free environment possible for family members, it’s almost unbelievable.

I say let’s march all the housewives to run our industries, and they’ll revive businesses and economies long before you and I can figure our way around the kitchen.

So I think we blokes should have one day as ‘men’s day’, and let women have the remaining days. They definitely deserve it.


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Hindi Chini Vie Vie

The world knows China for all the cheap products that it has captured the world market with. But while the average Chinese is a decent hard-working person, I think all the years of exporting cheap goods to the world has led ‘cheapness’ to have become a character trait with the top ministers in China. Perhaps that is why they have Chinese troops infiltrating into Indian territory repeatedly, for some time now. The Chinese even even built a rail line to move its troops into Tibet, and they don’t seem to be bothered about repeated warnings.

It appears to me that they might be judging our armed forces based on the chaos they see on our political front, and that would be a seriously foolish mistake to make. When it comes to the average gallant Indian soldier, your numbers are, to put it politely, simply inadequate. Even if you had twice your current population, and you marched them all to our borders, I think our army would have chewed you all down at the blink of an eye.

I think it’s time the Chinese gave their actions some serious thought first. American, European and other economies have been hit really hard, to a great extent, because of China. It has been, to some extent, an unfair playing field, with their non-existent safety measures for your industrial workers, poor quality and safety guidelines, outright disregard for patent laws, etc. Reminds me of a classmate in school, who was extremely short and weak. So whenever he troubled anyone, everyone played along, to accommodate him so as not to hurt his feelings. Till a day came when he actually started pushing people around, misinterpreting their tolerance for his strength. Didn’t have quite the effect he desired on some people though.

So imagine what happens if countries start banning Chinese products en masse, or imposing anti-dumping on pretty much everything they can put together and ship out. Several economies have been beaten down to humble levels, so am sure they can restart, not at the premium levels of margins and costs that they did in the good ‘ol days, but at a reasonable level so as to cater to a world market. And as complex as it sounds, believe me it isn’t impossible to imagine. The world can move on like Chinese products never existed, and other economies will get a chance at reviving their economies, creating world-class products again, and improving employment.

I guess that itself might take care of your Chinese infiltration activities, don’t you think? As for you greedy land-grabbing mice of ministers, maybe then you can resort to screwing yourselves with the excess capacity that you are left with. Sound good?