I WITNESS – The good people of DELHI

I usually do not reproduce or re-post any existing content on my blog. But here is one exception. Here’s a post written by Sangeeta Das, one of thousands of brave citizens who were part of the peaceful movement in Delhi, protesting against  a brutal gang-rape (on Dec. 16) and the unsafe India that politicians have created for women. It simply […]

Delhi Police – Grow a Brain

To the Degenerate Idiots in the Delhi Police, Politicians sisters, daughters, mothers and wives do not get raped. They are totally unaffected and could not care less about what is happening around the streets and alleys of their country. It was your lack of responsibilities that led to the gruesome incident on Dec 16, 2012. And yet, you blindly follow orders from […]

Make The Punishment Fit The Crime

In the Delhi gang rape case, let the government not consider life imprisonment for the 6 guilty bastards. We citizens do not want to feed and rear such vermin for the rest of their damned lives. Like Juhi Chawla suggested, make the punishment an ‘eye for an eye’. I say, let the punishment be such that it scars the souls […]