Delhi Police – Grow a Brain

To the Degenerate Idiots in the Delhi Police,

Politicians sisters, daughters, mothers and wives do not get raped. They are totally unaffected and could not care less about what is happening around the streets and alleys of their country.

It was your lack of responsibilities that led to the gruesome incident on Dec 16, 2012. And yet, you blindly follow orders from higher ups and use water cannons and lob tear gas shells on unarmed protesters, who include ladies and children.

Try growing a brain when it comes to deciding what is right and what is not, and acting accordingly.

TV channels showed even a 13 year old kid protesting. If even kids know the difference between right and wrong, what is wrong with you all?

What would you have done if that 23 year old was your daughter? Would you have been part of the protest? Or would top officials have given mindless orders, you would have scratched your butts, said yes sir, and gone firing water cannons at your family members?

So while our corrupt politicians are a bunch of soulless pussies, always remember, you are all a part of the common public, for whom the protest is happening. The protesters are fighting for a right for the safety of your wives, mothers, sisters and daughters as well.


Disappointed and Angry citizens of India

Delhi - 22 Dec 2012 - Protest

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