A Sense of Security

Scene 1: [http://ow.ly/gjkW7]

manmohan singh to sushil kumar shinde: “ensure sense of security in Delhi”

sushil kumar shinde: [nonchalantly] ok

Life goes on as usual.

Public: what about other cities, towns, and the country; genius?

Scene 2: [http://ow.ly/gjkxc]

manmohan singh to sushil kumar shinde: [long silence]
sushil kumar shinde to public: bullshit, bullshit, bullshit

You’re not scared about your daughters, they probably have way too much security. The common citizen is trusting, not stupid.

Do any of you have the guts to divert all the security personnel that are deployed to protecting you and all the other politicians and their families, towards protecting the people you were brought into power to serve? How else do you plan to make India safe? By a delayed public announcement like today’s?

And it is not only about buses [yes it was in this incident, but hasn’t been in innumerable others]. What about streets? What about dark alleys, what about homes? Your GPS devices on buses wont do. Try figuring out ‘how to make the country safer for women’, while you’re not doing anything important.

You guys just do not seem to be getting the point. Yet.!

Here are my suggestions:

1 – First, the six culprits need to be punished. Now. In Public. Make it an insanely painful death for them. Keep relaying it at regular intervals, on several TV channels, for at least a month. Let it sink in.

2 – You need to put together a team of ‘specialists’ who will understand  mindsets, identify vulnerable areas and scenarios, figure out solutions, and work on a detailed list of steps on how to make the country safe, and will then even implement them.

And if you get serious about it, not only will you ensure a “sense” of security in Delhi, but you will help make the country a safer place to live in.

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