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Sample Size of One: Towards a Possible Solution

This post explores an alternative to fix the replication crisis (particularly in the behavioural science and economics fields, and if relevant, in other fields too). This post is in continuation to an earlier post titled Sample Size of One: The Rose Negotiations. It would help to read that one first before coming to this one….

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The Behaviour Triangle

A humorous take on the paradox that exists between the views of us common humans, versus that of psychologists, who take a slightly more empathetic view, and those behavioural science practitioners who try to leverage knowledge of human biases and drivers to grow business without it always being beneficial to customers themselves.

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Sample Size of One: The Rose Negotiations

Image: source The Replication Crisis is an ongoing crisis where it has been difficult or impossible to reproduce findings of scientific studies. The field of behavioural science too, has had its challenges with replicating past research findings. Some years ago, peer-reviewed scientific journal, Nature Human Behaviour, attempted to replicate 21 social and behavioural science studies…