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Religious Fashion

Religious Fashion
Was chatting with a friend about religion.
I randomly correlated religion with fashion. Or people’s dressing sense, if you will.
People either have their own style, or in most cases, they follow one of the broader trends or safer dressing styles.
Which is all good.
Problems only arise when one or a few of them, for no reason, starts having a problem with what someone else is wearing.
If, or as long as that does not happen, everyone’s content with what they’re wearing.
If only that were as simple, with clothes or religion. Or race.

Big Bizarre

I dropped into the Big Bazaar store for a bit last night (not out of choice, if you must know). But I must say, they’ve really re-done the place, in a good way. Impressive, must say. The section as soon as I entered, was for clothes, and it  looked like a section at the more popular multi-brand stores around. If you remember the old Big Bazaar, you’d know the difference.

Anyway, I was walking around when I happened to glance up a random t-shirt on display. And the label on it read a brand called “Spunk”.

Now isn’t that a bit of an odd name for a brand of clothes and shoes, by any measure of imagination and humour? I thought it was amusing as such, assuming it to be a Big Bazaar brand itself. It got more interesting when I  looked up later and found a “Made in USA” brand of mostly spandex clothing that went by the name Spunkwear.

While I’m not sure if it’s the same brand that’s retailing at Big Bazaar and online at FutureBazaar, on Zazzle, and so on, it still is a strange name.

Especially since the  definitions of spunk vary from ‘spirit’ to ‘semen’.




Business – whenever, wherever

If you got to start your business, you can’t always wait for real estate prices to be right.

Sometimes, you just start..Wherever.!

(Saw this on some random inner road on the outskirts of Pune)

For those still wondering, that is a car covered with clothes that a man is trying to sell to passers by.

And while I was there only for a minute or two, while trying to make a u-turn as I was a little lost, he did have a few customers.!

Pretty cool huh?!