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Forward Pass

Forward Pass

Try this. Say instead of zipping past a car on the opposite side of the road waiting to make a u-turn, slow down (of course, look back first, to make sure you don’t cause a pileup) to ’em make the turn. The driver will be pleasantly surprised. They don’t expect it. Nobody does. And that’s what makes it even more worthwhile.

Or for that matter, let the lady with kids, or the old folk cross the road. Without having to hear the roaring of menacing engines revving impatiently for them to dive-out-of-the-way. Or even just random people who are already on the road (provided you aren’t already going too fast), let them pass.

Try it once or twice, and you’re gonna love it. If not for the good feeling of doing a lil good deed, at least for the surprise you’ll be giving these folk. It’s worth every moment.

And with everybody doing this at least a few times a day, imagine just how much more pleasurable driving could become.!


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