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Where Men became Gods

Where Men became Gods

People who were hapless witnesses to nature’s frenzy in Uttarakhand

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #1

Stood helplessly, and believed this was the end of the road for them…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #2

Where hope seemed to crumble with the relentless gushing rage…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #4

Even the God of Destruction himself stood helplessly surrounded…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #3

And then, from the skies…

A marginalized and often forgotten God emerged, and rushed selflessly in…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #5

And stood brave in front of an unknown foe…

Indian Army #8

They did, not what they had been asked to, but did everything they possibly could. And still are…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #6

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #7

Amidst the greed that has trickled into the farthest veins of the country, these brave, selfless and righteous men and women give every Indian a ray of hope;  a glimpse of Indians that we were, and of Indians that we can be.

Learn To Be Still

Today’s news had an article on how a Chinese mother had caged and shackled her mentally ill son in a homemade cage for 11 years.

In 2001, the son, Wu, beat to death a 13-year-old boy in his village (Ruichang, Jiangxi Province), while reportedly suffering an episode of ‘psychosis’. He was released home a year later since he suffered from mental illness. However, his now 74-year-old mother, Wang Muxiang, fearing that a similar incident might occur again, felt it necessary to cage her son.

She tried to find someone to weld her a strong cage. However, the local blacksmiths refused, fearing the sick man may attack them in revenge if he escaped. And so, a heart-broken Wang Muxiang went and built the cage herself.

In another country of course, human rights activists, the cops, and the judicial system would have had a field day with such an incident. I’d like to know your thoughts on this disturbing story. What I see, in this incident, is one of the highest levels of human compassion, selflessness, and sacrifice.

In this day and age, parents defend the worst acts or behaviour of their children, and here is a mother who caged her own son for the safety of others. Of course, one could argue that in case Wu attacked again, he would have been taken away from her, so this was definitely a better choice. And that this is an extreme step, she needn’t have chained him, etc. But the rural village they live in give her actions more perspective. And remember she was 62 then.!

Nevertheless, whichever way you look at it, how many people do you know, who take strong, selfless decisions even in more day-to-day situations and with much easier choices? We need to build a strong will, clear perspective of greater good in the smallest of everyday situations and circumstances, sync our priorities to ‘righteous’, and have the ability to see selfless acts through to their rightful conclusions.

Selfless man is still

Image: Art Revolution

There are so many contradictions,
In all these messages we send,
(We keep asking)
How do I get out of here,
Where do I fit in?
Though the world is torn and shaken,
Even if your heart is breakin’,
It’s waiting for you to awaken,
And someday you will…
Learn to be still…
Learn to be still…

– From ‘Learn to Be Still, a song by Eagles

Here’s the news story [Note: some of you might find the images disturbing]: http://goo.gl/eVi1J