Where Men became Gods

Where Men became Gods

People who were hapless witnesses to nature’s frenzy in Uttarakhand

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #1

Stood helplessly, and believed this was the end of the road for them…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #2

Where hope seemed to crumble with the relentless gushing rage…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #4

Even the God of Destruction himself stood helplessly surrounded…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #3

And then, from the skies…

A marginalized and often forgotten God emerged, and rushed selflessly in…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #5

And stood brave in front of an unknown foe…

Indian Army #8

They did, not what they had been asked to, but did everything they possibly could. And still are…

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #6

Indian Army - Uttarakhand #7

Amidst the greed that has trickled into the farthest veins of the country, these brave, selfless and righteous men and women give every Indian a ray of hope;  a glimpse of Indians that we were, and of Indians that we can be.

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    1. It’s difficult to imagine when we think about the ‘reaching the mantle’, Raph. It’s about starting I guess. Making the first move. That usually starts making the difference instantly..

  1. Had come across a very apt and touching line at one of the army outposts in Ladakh that read “When you go home, tell them about us, and say, that we gave our today for their tomorrow.”

    1. That is a really apt line. Lowlife politicians don’t give soldiers the respect they deserve when it comes to incidents regarding violation of LoC by pakistan, or pakis mutilating bodies of Indian soldiers, etc. At least Indian citizens should acknowledge their innumerable sacrifices.

    1. Thanks.! Yes, what tv reports show is just a fraction of the actual calamity. And to picture it from the point-of-view of a resident of that place, is almost unimaginable. My post is merely an attempt at waking up the good in people. To look at worthier causes than oneself.

    1. Thank you Kendall. Yes, it is a huge calamity, and hope the people gather the courage to overcome their losses, and hoping a much brighter future for them.
      My post was also an attempt to make people focus on worthier causes than themselves. I really don’t know if it is synonymous with developing countries, or consistent the world over, but a lot of us here in India tend to get caught up in our hunt for bread and butter and sometimes even our entertainment, that we have come to knowingly or unknowingly marginalize other people’s lives in the process.

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