China – The Punishment Due

China – The Punishment Due To, Mr. Xi Jinping Chairman of the Central Military Commission People’s Republic of China Indian politicians have always been soft about matters regarding our country’s borders. You however, should not for a moment, think their encroachments will go unchallenged. Or that our army doesn’t stand a chance. The Beating Retreat ceremony that happens at our Attari (and […]

Hindi Chini Vie Vie

The world knows China for all the cheap products that it has captured the world market with. But while the average Chinese is a decent hard-working person, I think all the years of exporting cheap goods to the world has led ‘cheapness’ to have become a character trait with the top ministers in China. Perhaps that is why they have Chinese troops infiltrating into […]

Learn To Be Still

Today’s news had an article on how a Chinese mother had caged and shackled her mentally ill son in a homemade cage for 11 years. In 2001, the son, Wu, beat to death a 13-year-old boy in his village (Ruichang, Jiangxi Province), while reportedly suffering an episode of ‘psychosis’. He was released home a year later since he suffered from mental […]