According to the theories of Aerodynamics, the bumblebee should be unable to fly. The size, weight, and shape of its body, in relationship to its total wing span make it technically impossible to fly. The bumblebee, however, being ignorant of those theories, goes ahead and flies anyway.

I was reading an article about how some researchers are expecting another recession in the United States before things finally get better, and what that could possibly do to small businesses which survived the first bout of recession.

This sounds like an average day in the life of most of us, speculating about what might, and what might not; constantly living in fear of the unknown. I was trying to imagine myself as running a small business someplace, and if the economy were heading south, what would I do. Would I panic, and try to do as much business while the scene is still looking good, or would I try to re-work my business to make sure it sees the highs after the dip?

If most of us reduced all that speculation, we might just be staring at brilliant and simple solutions to many of life’s intriguing questions right in the face.

Keep Flying anyway…

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    1. Thank you Su.! I believe the ‘bumblebee’ example has been used in the past by several perhaps like-minded people as an example to compare with human attitude, so I won’t take too much credit. I had received the bumblebee ‘quote’, if I may, a few years back as a text message. And while it is amusing or fascinating just as it is, the line stuck in my head ever since, because I saw how we tend to restrict ourselves so much based on limitations of our own making.
      I must share something from a very interesting book I once read. What I read was, that when we as kids, decided to learn to ride a bicycle, it must have been a daring step, the bike almost as big as us, and our sense of balance not all that developed yet. But still, we did learn, regardless of how many times we fell or bruised ourselves. Because we had our minds set on learning to ride a bike. And now, with all the analysis we do, all the calculations and re-calculations for the tiniest http://shrutinshetty.wordpress.com/wp-admin/#comments-formdecisions in life, I truly believe we become more and more cowardly as we grow older.

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