A Lego Stealth Fighter/ Drone

Just built a Lego stealth fighter/ drone. It does need a little imagination to smoothen the edges, etc., bear with me on that… But that said, have a look and let me know what you think. Image above: Side-view. Completely collapsed for hangar/storage  Image above: Wings fully extended (it folds at two points, one, the grey section mid-wing, and the other, at the edge of the body) Image above : Top view. The Forward Swept Wing (FSW) & delta canard design, similar to the Sukhoi-47 Notice 4 jet engines (2 running), and stealth cover on the sides, to minimize heat signature in-flight Image above: The wings also swivel at a point just off the main body. This dramatically improves Angle-of-Attack (AOA). *** Look forward to your views. And if you liked this one, consider following/subscribing to my blog (top right of the page). You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Let’s Go Back to the Future

Let’s Go Back to the Future Last night, on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi‘s birth anniversary, I came across an article titled ‘Where was Gandhiji born? Only 4 out of 10 gave the correct answer.’ [link] What was the big deal anyway? While my outlook is not even half as non-violent as the Mahatma’s,  I have utmost respect for him. But for questions like when was someone born, or where? History? I always seemed to have had a problem with History. Beyond doubt, History has a lot to offer us. After all, we cannot afford to figure out, experiment, and make all the mistakes ourselves. Things that have worked, or that haven’t; how lives have evolved, etc. all help us with decisions of today. History also inspires us. It tells us about something that has probably never been done before. Or, that people have tried but have all failed. It indirectly challenges people like you and me to prove History wrong. By knowing what is impossible, we can strive to make it possible. On the flip side, I guess we humans also saw in History, that the problem of global warming did not exist…

About Shrutin

  Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Shrutin Shetty, co-founder of RattL (Crystal Planet Labs LLP), a Mumbai (India) based global innovation and design strategy practice that strives to make the world better by helping Companies, Governments and Non-profits create meaningful products and services for the people they serve. Our primary offering is the ReCog Program, a 2-to-5 month, deadline-driven engagement where we work alongside teams at organizations to help them better understand their customers’ needs, and use our innovation model to conceptualize and create solutions that delight and have a better probability of success. We believe meaningful solutions create automatic differentiation from competition, increase chances of delighting customers, and as a result, contribute to business growth. For this, we use our Innovation model that is a unique blend of design thinking, strategy and behaviour principles. We also work on some internal design challenges – areas we feel are of relevance to people. Currently we are trying to design a better mask for Covid times, among a few other projects. My overarching objective is to work with businesses committed to…

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