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Where Do We Go Now?

Where Do We Go Now?

Google’s AdSense program let’s publishers or website owners have relevant ads show up when users visit those sites. Google earns revenues (via their Google Ads – previously AdWords platform) from businesses wanting those ads showing up to relevant customer groups. In turn, they pass on some of that revenue (based on ever-changing conditions!) to the site owners for using their space for displaying ads.

Google’s all-encompassing know-how of users and their searches and interests makes all this possible and seemingly co-exist well.

A few years back, I had applied for Google AdSense for my blog. Thankfully for me, they had replied with the inability to take me into the program. According to them, my blog covered a diverse range of topics – something not suited to their business model that prefers everything in buckets. Highly specific, highly siloed topics or themes. If only humans were that basic and simple.

While probably a lot of people are aware of the underlying problem with this, it seemed to get highlighted after a recent meeting with an old friend.

This friend was telling me about how he and a friend were keen on creating a blog that shared information around good health. And so, they collaborated and got working on it. One had a tech background, and handled site development and Google services they hoped to integrate and earn from. My friend, good with content, had already researched and created several articles around the theme of their still-being-developed site.

Then, apparently this June, Google altered their AdSense program, leading popular healthcare related sites and services to see a near 50% drop in web traffic to their sites. The result. These two friends have at least temporarily shelved the project.

Imagine people with keen interest or even a passion for certain fields or topics. And their humble hope to share their knowledge with the world, and to learn from it. To connect with like-minded people in other parts of the world. To interact and grow. And perhaps be remunerated for their effort, even if moderately. These people have now often been basing their decision to continue in that field or not, based on Google’s whims.

As a kid, I once heard of how in China, the government has a say in the profession you pursued. And it was independent of your educational background. I thought it was highly illogical.

Yet here we are. Unconsciously doing the same thing in accordance with the wishes of ever-changing algorithms of a for-profit company.


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China – The Punishment Due

China – The Punishment Due

Mr. Xi Jinping
Chairman of the Central Military Commission
People’s Republic of China
Indian politicians have always been soft about matters regarding our country’s borders. You however, should not for a moment, think their encroachments will go unchallenged. Or that our army doesn’t stand a chance.
The Beating Retreat ceremony that happens at our Attari (and Wagah in Pakistan) border should give them some perspective. Look it up online.
The soul-piercing eyes of our Border Security Forces. The fire, the bravery and the love for the country. It isn’t something that can be copied or manufactured like everything else China is notorious for. These traits are inherent. What’s more, that border ceremony is a tradition of brotherhood and cooperation. Imagine dealing with them in the event of a war.
Image: source
So, if Chinese border infiltration continue, surely our politicians will bumble around for a long time. Trying hard to imagine the problem doesn’t exist. Or hoping to push it under the carpet for another government of the future to deal with. But the day one of them decides to take action, and that day will come, I’d hate to think of the plight of those facing the wrath of our armed forces.
In all the wars India has ever fought, it has never been on the offensive. Never once have we, unprovoked, attacked another country. And that should tell the world everything it needs to know that we as a country, hate war more than any other country on earth does.
But there is one thing we hate far more, and do not tolerate. And that is, outsiders encroaching on our land.
It is another, and rather unfortunate matter, that all our politicians since independence, have not reflected the necessary concern for our borders and our people who live near it. But, it would be foolish to continue to push your luck, using the Sino-Indian war as a yardstick to compare powers. Back then, we were a young, relatively unaware, 13-year old country post-independence. If you really need proof of our military prowess, look no further than the Battle of Longewala of 1971. It remains, among the only battles in the history of the world, where an unimaginably outnumbered army faction held on, and won. That, is the Indian defense forces for you.
In the hope that you come to your senses soon, and for your own sake.
Megadeth performing ‘Holy Wars… The Punishment Due’. Hammersmith Odeon. 1992.
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Hindi Chini Vie Vie

The world knows China for all the cheap products that it has captured the world market with. But while the average Chinese is a decent hard-working person, I think all the years of exporting cheap goods to the world has led ‘cheapness’ to have become a character trait with the top ministers in China. Perhaps that is why they have Chinese troops infiltrating into Indian territory repeatedly, for some time now. The Chinese even even built a rail line to move its troops into Tibet, and they don’t seem to be bothered about repeated warnings.

It appears to me that they might be judging our armed forces based on the chaos they see on our political front, and that would be a seriously foolish mistake to make. When it comes to the average gallant Indian soldier, your numbers are, to put it politely, simply inadequate. Even if you had twice your current population, and you marched them all to our borders, I think our army would have chewed you all down at the blink of an eye.

I think it’s time the Chinese gave their actions some serious thought first. American, European and other economies have been hit really hard, to a great extent, because of China. It has been, to some extent, an unfair playing field, with their non-existent safety measures for your industrial workers, poor quality and safety guidelines, outright disregard for patent laws, etc. Reminds me of a classmate in school, who was extremely short and weak. So whenever he troubled anyone, everyone played along, to accommodate him so as not to hurt his feelings. Till a day came when he actually started pushing people around, misinterpreting their tolerance for his strength. Didn’t have quite the effect he desired on some people though.

So imagine what happens if countries start banning Chinese products en masse, or imposing anti-dumping on pretty much everything they can put together and ship out. Several economies have been beaten down to humble levels, so am sure they can restart, not at the premium levels of margins and costs that they did in the good ‘ol days, but at a reasonable level so as to cater to a world market. And as complex as it sounds, believe me it isn’t impossible to imagine. The world can move on like Chinese products never existed, and other economies will get a chance at reviving their economies, creating world-class products again, and improving employment.

I guess that itself might take care of your Chinese infiltration activities, don’t you think? As for you greedy land-grabbing mice of ministers, maybe then you can resort to screwing yourselves with the excess capacity that you are left with. Sound good?

Learn To Be Still

Today’s news had an article on how a Chinese mother had caged and shackled her mentally ill son in a homemade cage for 11 years.

In 2001, the son, Wu, beat to death a 13-year-old boy in his village (Ruichang, Jiangxi Province), while reportedly suffering an episode of ‘psychosis’. He was released home a year later since he suffered from mental illness. However, his now 74-year-old mother, Wang Muxiang, fearing that a similar incident might occur again, felt it necessary to cage her son.

She tried to find someone to weld her a strong cage. However, the local blacksmiths refused, fearing the sick man may attack them in revenge if he escaped. And so, a heart-broken Wang Muxiang went and built the cage herself.

In another country of course, human rights activists, the cops, and the judicial system would have had a field day with such an incident. I’d like to know your thoughts on this disturbing story. What I see, in this incident, is one of the highest levels of human compassion, selflessness, and sacrifice.

In this day and age, parents defend the worst acts or behaviour of their children, and here is a mother who caged her own son for the safety of others. Of course, one could argue that in case Wu attacked again, he would have been taken away from her, so this was definitely a better choice. And that this is an extreme step, she needn’t have chained him, etc. But the rural village they live in give her actions more perspective. And remember she was 62 then.!

Nevertheless, whichever way you look at it, how many people do you know, who take strong, selfless decisions even in more day-to-day situations and with much easier choices? We need to build a strong will, clear perspective of greater good in the smallest of everyday situations and circumstances, sync our priorities to ‘righteous’, and have the ability to see selfless acts through to their rightful conclusions.

Selfless man is still

Image: Art Revolution

There are so many contradictions,
In all these messages we send,
(We keep asking)
How do I get out of here,
Where do I fit in?
Though the world is torn and shaken,
Even if your heart is breakin’,
It’s waiting for you to awaken,
And someday you will…
Learn to be still…
Learn to be still…

– From ‘Learn to Be Still, a song by Eagles

Here’s the news story [Note: some of you might find the images disturbing]: http://goo.gl/eVi1J

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