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Amazon Go, This is How You Could Go

Earlier this year, Amazon announced its Amazon Go concept. The cashier-free, and hopefully hassle-free grocery store. The news did seem to receive a disproportionate amount of public interest.


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Of course we’ve all had our share of standing in queues. Queues where cashiers billed and packed at a pace, a sight that looked like it was buffering on a crappy internet connection. Given those occasions and memories of it, I’d have to agree. Amazon Go does sound like you’re being given a year or two extra on your natural lifespan.

But the concept itself, doesn’t exactly a stretch of our imaginations.

What might have been more interesting, is one of these two scenarios.

First one, if Amazon did away with most of that expensive real estate.

Imagine walking up to an Amazon Go store. The store comprises of only several telephone type booths. You pick up a heads-up display unit (similar to Google’s Cardboard; and yes, one that has been sanitized after the last customer), and get into an empty booth and put it on. A menu appears before you. You move your hand around and tap a section of wall right in front of you (not on your screen, but an actual wall). Clicking on a section makes that aisle appear on your heads-up display. Perhaps generic items, milk, cheese, chips, breakfast cereal, etc. Click or tap to pick more specific options and quantities. You  confirm the order, pay wirelessly (just like in the video), and leave.

As you shop through virtual sections of the store, a robot is activated at a warehouse on the outskirts of your city. It zips through aisles at a blinding pace, picking up your order. Your stuff, delivered home, by one of their drones, at your convenient time.

Then again, heck, why even have an outlet when you can order online? I guess for those who might miss their regular trips and human interactions at the grocery store.

Or, if real estate is really a big part of their intended strategy (something it should be careful about), here’s another alternative. In this case, the store comprises of a larger warehouse, and the same booth concept mentioned above. In the adjoining warehouse, robots zip through, collecting your stuff. You spend a few moments after shopping to enjoy a coffee or try samples of an introductory snack. By this time, your designated robot has tagged, bagged and billed you. You pick up your stuff, and you are ready to Go!



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Real Pest-ate India

Is it Real Estate India, or Real Pest Ate India?

350 acres of land acquired for public interest by the Haryana government given to DLF for possibly a song.

DLF gave Rs. 65 crore of unsecured loans to Vadra to purchase DLF properties at highly discounted prices.

Share capital of Vadra’s companies went from Rs.50 lakh to over Rs.300 crore in 3 years.

And Sonia still asks for proof.

None of it is surprising, coming from the Gandhis and Vadra, each of who has probably, a real long time ago, sold their souls at a bloody good price to unsuspecting buyers.

But for a company with an ex-army man (Kushal Pal Singh) at the helm to have  their fingers in all the dirty pies, it’s more a shame for the army and its reputation. KP Singh, guess you got a good price for your soul as well? Congratulations.!

And while India plods along, discovering one hidden Congress shitstorm after another, I bet Sonia and her scum have already lined up buyers to sell off the Red Fort, the Taj Mahal and so on.

For all we know, some foreign politician or businessman must be sitting at his desk right now, sipping on single malt, smiling at his recent acquisition. Glass in one hand, in his other hand he would be holding legal documents that talk about sale of ‘India’, sold and signed off by Sonia and her scum.

I think the only  Gandhi in politics who is clean and incorruptible, and has principles and morals,…

… was called Bapu, and he is now  in a better place.

And he is probably wondering where he went wrong, while Sonia and her scum are probably wondering, “where else can we do wrong?”

So again, is it Real Estate India, or Real Pest Ate India?

Business – whenever, wherever

If you got to start your business, you can’t always wait for real estate prices to be right.

Sometimes, you just start..Wherever.!

(Saw this on some random inner road on the outskirts of Pune)

For those still wondering, that is a car covered with clothes that a man is trying to sell to passers by.

And while I was there only for a minute or two, while trying to make a u-turn as I was a little lost, he did have a few customers.!

Pretty cool huh?!

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