A Love Song for India

I tried thinking of a love song for India, and couldn’t find one more appropriate than this. ABBA‘s ‘Lay all your love on me’. These four lines seem to be a perfect message from our country, to us citizens. “Don’t go wasting your emotion Lay all your love on me Don’t go sharing your devotion Lay all your love on me” India | […]

Ghost Rider

India has seen a meteoric rise in the number of vehicles on its roads, and with it, driving sense and etiquette have disappeared into oblivion. And while I’m not too great a driver myself, few things anger me more than bikers riding on the wrong side of the road. And it’s still ok if a rider only risks his own life, but many of them even dare with […]

Holy How?!

Does god exist? I personally do believe in faith, and in a higher power, but one without a name or face. Culture and upbringing however, do tend to influence that faith with names and appearances.  Unlike popular belief, India does not have 330 million gods. But of the few we do, festivals are celebrated in the grandest ways imaginable. The next few months marks some major religious festivals, including Janmasthami (just went […]

The Future Indian PM

Technology played a crucial role in winning Barack Obama his first, and securing his second term as US President. With that, I think it was evident that a capable leader and change maker must have the power of new age technology and media on his or her side, to connect with the constantly changing and eternally curious new-age citizen. Back home, while most political […]

Attention! Is this the Police?

Last evening I went to pick up some things for home from the department store. Visits to that store isn’t exactly something I look forward to. Considering the place is a little dusty, the staff is slow and clueless, and for some reason, they keep moving some sections around every other time. Anyway, while parking outside, I noticed two police constables standing beside a car […]

Two Sides of The Same…Country

Little over a decade ago, I had just learnt how to drive a car, and, sorry; I must learn to be specific. I had learnt to drive a car in India. Yes, here, it takes more effort, selfless commitment, definitely more skill, and sheer bravery to even just want to learn to drive a vehicle here, let alone actually drive. Not even attempting […]

Where Men became Gods

People who were hapless witnesses to nature’s frenzy in Uttarakhand… Stood helplessly, and believed this was the end of the road for them… Where hope seemed to crumble with the relentless gushing rage… Even the God of Destruction himself stood helplessly surrounded… And then, from the skies… A marginalized and often forgotten God emerged, and rushed selflessly in… And stood […]

Spread A Message

The Delhi gang rape incident is still fresh in the minds of many. An intolerable mix of anger and helplessness is how I remember the incident. A few days after that angel from the Delhi gang rape succumbed to her injuries, a friend informed me about a peace protest that was taking place here in Bombay. I was caught up […]

A Sense of Security

Scene 1: [http://ow.ly/gjkW7] manmohan singh to sushil kumar shinde: “ensure sense of security in Delhi” sushil kumar shinde: [nonchalantly] ok Life goes on as usual. Public: what about other cities, towns, and the country; genius? Scene 2: [http://ow.ly/gjkxc] manmohan singh to sushil kumar shinde: [long silence] sushil kumar shinde to public: bullshit, bullshit, bullshit You’re not scared about your daughters, they […]