Are you Sold to the Idea?

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Are you Sold to the Idea? Here’s a first post under a new category called ‘Management Mumblings’. I recently addressed and interacted with about 70 really smart MBA students, with whom I was sharing experiences from my corporate career, and about starting up and growing, with the objective of encouraging entrepreneurship. In comparison, I’ve always found it easier to interact with people from industry, comfortable with discussing anything from […]

We can be Heroes

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Industry bigwigs, public figures, influential people, media celebrities among others, carry with their success, power and fame, certain unspoken responsibilities towards others, especially those not as fortunate. Those responsibilities include always acting in a fair and just manner, and avoiding any form of oppression, directly or by way of others. This post is for all you salman khan fans; a glimpse into the ugly, and a heavy […]

We Deliver.!

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We Deliver.! Several years back, I used to work in the ever so famous BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry in one of India’s IT hotbeds, Bangalore. My job involved providing technical assistance to North American customers of our pretty impressive all-in-one printer range. There was a time I wondered if the monotony could leave me permanently depressed. Or worse, brain-damaged. […]