English: At the Deep End

A while back I was starting out on an email to a friend and was about to type the common “How are things at your end?” when I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend some years ago. Whether she probably didn’t think too much while replying, or was in a mighty hurry, we’ll never know. But it did however, remind me of how sensitive and dangerous a language English could be.

I happened to see this friend online on Google Chat, and it had been a while since we had spoken. Here’s how it went:

I inquired: Hey.!! How are things at your end? Been a while.

She replied: My end is fine. And you?

I: (almost fainted).

I replied: Yeah, I’m fine too. Good to see you online.

I was however, tempted to reply with something like: (Sure, guess I’ll agree. My ‘end’s’ fine too, the usual.. though I suppose it has gotten a little fat thanks to the bloody desk job) :O

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