Everything’s What Not It Seems

Everything’s What Not It Seems

Life Lesson:

As we go through life, at any point, if we find that nobody or relatively fewer people are opposing or contradicting our views or opinions, it can only mean one of the following:

  • you’ve stated the obvious (Means you need to grow up)
  • you’re absolutely right (Again, and again? What are the odds?)
  • the topic is too trivial for anyone to bother opposing you (Grow up.!)

Don’t get thrilled. Those were only the easy possibilities. Here are a few more, that it could mean…

  • people feel it takes a little too much effort to convince you, because you unrealistically defend or are closed to reason
  • they fear your reaction, were they to contradict of differ from your opinion


Just like this real-looking pencil-drawing by Diego Koi

As you learn and grow, you need to consciously make yourself more approachable, and open to other viewpoints as well as critical feedback. No one can go through life having everyone nodding in agreement to their views all the time. Unless you’re sitting alone in a room. So if you have seemingly long stints without anyone opposing your view or having a different opinion, consider the reason too. Because the moment people don’t disagree or offer you different perspectives to your views, you have stopped growing.

Shadow Art by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Shadow Art using scraps, by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

And no, the title wasn’t a typo. 😉


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  1. Vidisha Rai

    Or you are not surrounding yourself with the right people.

    • Shrutin Shetty

      That is a very valid point too, Vidisha.! It reminded me of a quote I had read, by Jim Rohn – “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
      Sure makes sense. Thanks Vidisha.!

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