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Stop Glorifying terror

The world governments need to stop glorifying terror outfits. For starters, irrespective of what those terror groups might call themselves, what if victim countries gave them shameful and cowardly names. That way, the citizens wouldn’t fear them the way they currently do. Wayward or lost youngsters would probably be averse to joining such groups if their names were funny or shameful, rather than rebellious-sounding.

isis in CAPS. Why? And they called themselves a ‘state’, and we agreed? It’s almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy, right? What if they called themselves a country next? Should we mindlessly agree?

Imagine if world bodies and governments called them ‘i-piss’ instead. Wouldn’t their terror motives lose a little momentum and hatred each time they heard themselves being referred to that way on news programs? Worth considering?

Hisbull, Hercow. Nothing justifies the killing of innocents. And that applies to governments too.

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