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Women Drivers

Women Drivers

“You said a bad driver was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well, I met another bad driver, didn’t I?”

– Jordan, in The Great Gatsby

The hype around Women’s Day is finally done for this year.

And speaking of women, their driving skills has often triggered many an animated debate. Driving slow, cutting dangerously, not indicating, playing with her hair, pouting her lips, or making calls while driving. You get the point.


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Now while it’s easy for us guys to grumble about it, in the hope of finding a logical reason behind it, I once tried looking it up online. I came across some interesting research which stated that the average woman (my self-preservation voice shouts ‘no, not all of you!!’), finds it difficult to process the multiple variables involved in driving. That, explains so much, doesn’t it?


Lisa Kelly |  Image: source

It doesn’t mean women cannot drive. Of course they can. My cousin sister can drive better than a lot of guys. The sexy Lisa Kelly is a great example of not just a great driver, but also of how women can handle extremely challenging jobs so well. But yes, you ladies could help by avoiding doing anything else while driving.


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And chaps, now that we know how much tougher it might be for girls to process the driving, and not to say driving, at least here in India is getting any easier; let’s not make it any tougher by terrorizing them with incessant honking, revving of the engine, or questioning hands, etc., whenever we are caught up behind them. Instead, let’s just change lanes and move on. Small efforts like this could help her overcome fears of bullies on the road, and with a little encouragement, who knows, she might just be able to drive way better than you and I ever could.


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The Superior Sex

The Superior Sex

The timing of this post, right after the so-called ‘Women’s day’ is purely coincidental.

For one, I don’t even know what ‘Women’s day’ is supposed to mean. If we ‘full-of-ourselves-men’ don’t have a ‘men’s day’, then except for commercial businesses to make a killing, I don’t get it.

Now, back to the post. I’m going to risk my neck here by stating that, usually (usually, not always!) men tend to be more savvy with machines, electronics and mobile phones, as compared to women. Agree with me on that? Now, I’m not trying to belittle women in any way. But maybe women are very specific about what they want, and they focus on the essentials. They understand those areas about machines or gadgets, without bothering much about ‘what else’ a machine is capable of doing. We men on the other hand, curious as ever, go to great lengths, often breaking and fixing gadgets, just to get answers to ‘why’ or ‘why not’. I have noticed that with things ranging from cars to computers to mobile phones, and so on.

Long story short, there’s something amazing I’ve observed. I’m not sure if it’s a local phenomenon, though I doubt it is. And that is, that despite men being more curious about gadgets, especially in their younger years, sometimes tend to grapple, often disinterestedly, at a later stage in life, with technology. Their wives on the other hand, tend to become more alert and grasp new technology better as they get older. Older men boldly declare cluelessness on the word go. And several older women put in the extra effort to pace up with technology. It could be to serve a bigger purpose, like wanting to FaceTime or Skype with their children away at college, or stay in touch with friends or relatives on WhatsApp for that matter. I find that to be a really impressive trait that I’ve noticed in a lot of older women. Aren’t women way smarter then?

And I don’t think the best operations professionals could organize and schedule processes better than the average homemaker can. If you knew the number of factors they simultaneously keep track of, while making a seamless and hassle-free environment possible for family members, it’s almost unbelievable.

I say let’s march all the housewives to run our industries, and they’ll revive businesses and economies long before you and I can figure our way around the kitchen.

So I think we blokes should have one day as ‘men’s day’, and let women have the remaining days. They definitely deserve it.


Insight by Helenka


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Respect Women

Respect Women

Is it really that difficult to see, or am I missing something?

19 rapes have taken place in a span of one month in Haryana. I simply cannot wrap my head around the supposed solution doing the rounds, where people are considering lowering the marriageable age for girls to 15-16 years. Are we as Indians in general, or those wise Haryanvis in particular, playing dumb, or simply being indifferent? Haven’t there been cases of married women being raped in several parts of the country as well? So how the hell does reducing the marriageable age become a solution? That would be akin to addressing a food shortage problem by asking everyone to stop eating.

And the spineless attitude of law enforcers and politicians alike is only encouraging more such crimes. Where instead of punishing wrong-doers, they are considering punishing the ones who stands at risk, the ones who have been wronged.

I firmly believe that education is the solution. That, of course, combined with strict laws.

There are so many liberties and luxuries we take for granted in India. In Pakistan, a 14 year old girl is willing to lay her life on the line, and why? Just because she wants to learn. And some lowlifes have the sickness in them to pull the trigger on her.

But even that does not frighten her. She still wants to learn. And yet we, an educated society, behave like animals when it comes to respecting women, and act in such a helpless manner when it comes to protecting our citizens. So what is it that we are afraid of?

I think it is time we stop being dependent on crippled law enforcers and politicians, who’re too busy with their thumbs up their collective butts. Let us try to make our own neighbourhoods, cities and towns safer. Let us ourselves create the safer society that we want to live in.

And most importantly, let us educate. Educate our colleagues, friends, acquaintances even. Let us correct people who might harbor disrespect at any level towards women. Let us become more alert, more responsible, and more respectful when it comes to the women in our country. Be it for women we know, or for complete strangers. Let us look out for them and make them feel safer. We owe it to them. After all, none of us would be around right now, were it not for the ‘woman’ who gave birth to us.

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