Women Drivers

Women Drivers

“You said a bad driver was only safe until she met another bad driver? Well, I met another bad driver, didn’t I?”

– Jordan, in The Great Gatsby

The hype around Women’s Day is finally done for this year.

And speaking of women, their driving skills has often triggered many an animated debate. Driving slow, cutting dangerously, not indicating, playing with her hair, pouting her lips, or making calls while driving. You get the point.


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Now while it’s easy for us guys to grumble about it, in the hope of finding a logical reason behind it, I once tried looking it up online. I came across some interesting research which stated that the average woman (my self-preservation voice shouts ‘no, not all of you!!’), finds it difficult to process the multiple variables involved in driving. That, explains so much, doesn’t it?


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It doesn’t mean women cannot drive. Of course they can. My cousin sister can drive better than a lot of guys. The sexy Lisa Kelly is a great example of not just a great driver, but also of how women can handle extremely challenging jobs so well. But yes, you ladies could help by avoiding doing anything else while driving.


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And chaps, now that we know how much tougher it might be for girls to process the driving, and not to say driving, at least here in India is getting any easier; let’s not make it any tougher by terrorizing them with incessant honking, revving of the engine, or questioning hands, etc., whenever we are caught up behind them. Instead, let’s just change lanes and move on. Small efforts like this could help her overcome fears of bullies on the road, and with a little encouragement, who knows, she might just be able to drive way better than you and I ever could.


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