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I suppose the reason behind people “liking‘ all the pages and songs and tv shows and blah blah on Facebook is that they’re kinda lonely, and are, by some natural instinct, walking around with their hearts and about 50 MB of data from the deepest crevices of their brains, all on their sleeve, for the world to know.

All the movies they like, the soaps, celebrities, ideas, businesses, brands, songs, books, (groan), and what have you.

It’s akin to people dressing their best even when they are grocery shopping at their neighbourhood store, always prepared for a possibility of bumping into their soulmate or whatever. (don’t give me that puzzled look, there has been a study carried out to that effect).

So I guess on one side, you have people desperately seeking attention with an ever-increasing sense of loneliness, who’re adding to their information ‘sleeve’; and on the other hand, an increasing reduction (ok, I’m sure you can use those two “opposite” meaning words together, they’re supposed to attract afterall, remember?)… ok, enough of all that play of words.

Back to the topic. Yeah, so on the other hand, you have an increasing reduction in the amount people care for details nowadays, so who do you think, would have the patience, or be inclined to read your entire bio-data (read info or wall) unless they’re perhaps, in school and going through the phase of their first 50 or so crushes?

So then, what is the point of it all anyway?

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  1. Facebook is all abt the ‘face’ factor….wht u project in it…..u can afford to be mindless but not faceless there. Sm ppl go to d extent of announcing their travel iteneries as well…wonder who hs tht much of time & interest to c all tht crap!

    1. It gets better. I’ve seen some people updating their location status every few hours, for instance, ‘lunch @&%# with ABC’, and then sometime later the same person would update ‘back home from @#$’ and later ‘at #@$ for dinner’, and so on.. They must really be off their medicines.

  2. i think the facebook generation do the like button thing compulsively. like.like.like.like. like. like. like.
    you click on the “like” button a few hundred times and you have a stupid grin on your face, like after you play whac-a-mole at the arcade.

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