The King of Traumatic Times

How Vijay and Siddharth Mallya are handling the whole Kingfisher Airline fiasco is appalling.

In a similar situation, way back, Richard Branson sold his first and extremely-close-to-his-heart business, Virgin Records at the insistence of financial institutions, so that the resulting funds could be infused into Virgin Atlantic. He supposedly cried the day the company was sold to EMI.

Employees at Kingfisher (KF) Airlines haven’t been paid salaries for over 7 months. A few weeks ago, the wife of one KF airline engineers committed suicide as her husband had not been paid salaries for 6 months.

And here we have the shameless Mallyas who flew abroad in their private jet, away from the troubles their employees are facing.And Siddharth’s busy with bikini models abroad, working on the next KF Calendar.  What’s his plan, to tide over the crisis by selling calendars?

Respect and reputation take a lot more than parties to earn.

The “Kingfisher” turned out to be more of a Vulture. How the crisis was handled by the father-son duo was extremely ‘chicken’. And the King of Good Times, nothing more than a King of Traumatic Times.

India is ashamed with the way you’ve handled this crisis.! I suppose there still are some things that money can’t buy. Common sense?

As for United Breweries, for whatever it’s worth, I’ll definitely be avoiding your beers.

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