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On October 31, 1984, a lady was assassinated by 2 men from the Sikh community. What ensued was over 3000 Sikhs being massacred by a crazed people, in a span of under 4 days. Think about it, under 4 days, 3000+ innocent Sikhs were killed, because 2 “other” Sikhs killed that lady.

And what about justice? 49 of the rioters were sentenced to life imprisonment, and 3 were sentenced to over 10 years. But it would have taken way over 52 people to burn and kill over 3000 Sikhs, no? But that was justice then.

Fast forward to today, and one innocent girl was brutally raped and murdered in the most unimaginably gruesome way by 6 of the most degenerate and sickest forms of life on the planet. And yet, 1 week has passed since, and the Indian legal system is actually going by the law. It is considering putting the under-18 criminal before a Juvenile Board, instead of trying and punishing him like the rest of the 5 criminals. It is taking great efforts in the form of visits to his school, as well as putting him through tests to ascertain his age.

Yet, were there many people who cried when that lady in 1984 was killed? Were there so many people across the country who amassed for peace protests then, to regret the state of affairs, and to bring about a change? I don’t think so. I am not comparing two murders here. Both were horrible incidents that should never have taken place. What I am comparing, however, is the aftermath and the role of the judicial system, in both murders.

Why is killing of 3000+ innocent lives justified in retaliation for the murder of one particular lady, and with regard to murder of the second, the Indian legal system, as usual, with thumbs up their butts, is flipping through big law books, and referencing every possible associated law with everything from tests to ascertain the juvenile criminal’s age, to listening to the criminal’s requests to turn into state witnesses in hope for a lesser punishment?

Is the life of one lady any lesser than the other?

So why does the legal system have two sets of laws and principles, one for the powerful, and the other for the masses? The legal system seems to be reflecting the character of the current breed of politicians in such matters.

After the famous Japanese 3 wise monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil), the political system in India seems to have become a fourth type of monkey, one that’s got only its own ass covered.

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